Thank you to the CRCDS alumni/ae and friends who responded so generously during the 2018 Fall Phonathon! Our four-day effort resulted in over $37,500 of pledged support for The Fund for CRCDS – an increase of $5,000 over last year!

The Phonathon is a critical component of the success of The Fund for CRCDS. Support raised through the Phonathon provides essential resources for supporting our students as they answer God’s call to serve.  We sincerely thank everyone in the CRCDS community for their continued and generous support of the school and its mission.  You make the CRCDS education possible!

 A big “Thank You” to the following volunteers who took time out of their busy schedules to make calls this year.  Their dedication to CRCDS and its mission helped make this year a tremendous success!

Jim Braker (CRDS ’58)
Polly Bush (Staff Member)
Mark DeVincentis (Staff Member)
Ken Dodgson (CRDS ’48)
Michael Ford (CRCDS ’12 and Trustee)
Mary Anna Geib (CRDS ’64 and Life Trustee)
Pete Henderson (Life Trustee)
Doug Hess (CRCDS ’10)
Don Lawrence (CRDS’65)
Marvin McMickle (President)
Marge Nead (Staff Member)
Mary Ann Obark (Student)
Gail Ricciuti (Faculty Member)
Stephanie Sauvé (Administration and CRDS ’95)
Pat Tingley (BMTS ’52)
Doug Tyson (Staff Member)