David Yoon-Jung Kim

Arthur J. Gosnell Associate Professor of Social Ethics

David Y. Kim is the Arthur J. Gosnell Associate Professor of Social Ethics. His teaching and research integrates moral and political philosophy, religious ethics, and legal theory, especially in areas where religion and law intersect. He is currently working on a book entitled, Religion, Law, and Equity: Calvin and the Immanent Critique of Protestant Faith, which examines the principle of equity in Western legal discourse and practice.

Professor Kim’s recent publications include: “Kierkegaard and the Question of the Law’s Third Use” in Kierkegaard and the Renaissance and Modern Traditions, edited by Jon Stewart (London: Ashgate 2009); “Luther: Reform, Secularization, and the Question of His ‘True Successor’” (Co-authored with Joel Rasmussen) in Kierkegaard and Renaissance Modern Traditions, edited by Jon Stewart (London: Ashgate 2009). 

Professor Kim regularly teaches courses in ethics and political theory, including: Introduction to Ethics, Forgiveness and Mercy, Toleration: A Study of Roger Williams and John Locke, Ethics of Care in Medical Practice, and Faith, Suffering, and Medical Care. He has also taught at Harvard University and Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications.