Policy on Master of Divinity Equivalency for the Doctor of Ministry Admission

As stated by ATS, all applicants to the Doctor of Ministry program must have three years of ministry experience after completing the Master of Divinity degree, and demonstrate they have either received a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary or provide proof of its equivalency in both duration and kind.

The faculty has approved this course of study at the master’s level as required to meet Master of Divinity equivalency for the purpose of admission as a degree student in the Doctor of Ministry program.

Final decision about Master of Divinity equivalency will be determined by the Admission Committee, in consultation with the Academic Dean.

_________ 4 courses in Christian scripture (12 credits)

_________ 2 courses in Church history (6 credits)

_________ 1 course in Christian Ethics (3 credits)

_________ 1 course in Preaching (3 credits)

_________ 1 course in Pastoral care & counseling (3 credits)

_________ 1 course in Supervised Ministry (3 credits)

_________ 14 additional courses (3 credits each) in theological studies or courses related to the practice of ministry

Approved September 2009