From the Desk of the President: For Such a Time As Now

The beginning of each fiscal year presents as a moment to reflect on what has been, to consider what the next twelve months might entail, and to think deeply about what the Lord requires of us. Here at CRCDS, we mourn the continued loss of life to multiple pandemics. We acknowledge the ways in which historical denial jeopardizes everyone’s safety. We are concerned about the sustained well-being of persons whose lives have been disrupted and interrupted by social isolation.

Here at CRCDS, we embark upon the 2021-2022 fiscal year mindful of a responsibility to explore the relationship between space and mission as we encourage you to participate actively in the life of the school. We acknowledge we are not in a post-COVID-19 world and have a responsibility to make decisions in the best interest of students, faculty, and staff. We are aware of diverse learning styles and will prioritize an investment in technology to provide students options for preferred instructional modalities. We are concerned that ministry not be perceived as an individualistic endeavor and will emphasize formation as a communal practice.

Here at CRCDS, glocal realities remind us of the significance of our mission to form students in theological and multi-religious studies to serve, care, and advocate for all peoples and the earth. For such a time as now, we will continue to call upon the Lord. We acknowledge prayer as a shared spiritual discipline. We will search for God and seek divine guidance as we discern how to live faithfully into our promise to become a seminary of and for the community.

Here at CRCDS, all are welcome! We invite you to pray with and for us and to join us for chapel and other school sponsored events. We appreciate your investment in our mission and welcome opportunities to visit with you. If you are committed to practices of peace, service, and justice, we encourage you to study with us and look forward to conversations with you as you discern God’s next for your journey of preparation. For such a time as now, I give thanks for you.