CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle took part in a service at the Historic Ebeneezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, GA honoring and recognizing fifty years since the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr.  The service reflected King’s life as a champion against racism, poverty and war. Click on the link below to view the service.

In attendance were family members of Medgar Evers, Jesse Jackson, Robert Kennedy, Malcolm X, and Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. McMickle shared the photo below, which he took, stating, “Quite a sight.”

April 9, 2018 MLK service at Ebeneezer Baptist Church.

Front row from right to left: Bernice King in yellow, Christine King Ferris (Dr. King’s sister), Dr. King’s granddaughter, a survivor of the Parkland, FL shooting, Martin Luther King III, and the daughter of Malcolm X. The daughter of Jesse Jackson was seated next to the daughter of Malcolm X (not visible in this photograph).
Second row: Directly behind Christine Ferris is the daughter of Medgar Evers.

Seated in the back with Dr. McMickle’s wife, Peggy, was Kerry Kennedy, daughter of Robert F. Kennedy.