The Letter from Birmingham Jail 2021 Project will involve hundreds of individual religious leaders, community activists and dozens of groups from across the nation (Greater Kansas City, Los Angeles, Colorado Springs, Chicago, Dallas, Birmingham, New York City and other cities).

The 3-week series of virtual gatherings (Webinars) will center on one of Dr. King’s greatest statements concerning racial justice in America. This series of events will be held on Tuesdays on January 26, February 2, and February 9.

A premier hope of The Letter From Birmingham Jail 2021 Project will be to raise up values, ideas, principles with which participants resonate and will act upon in their local communities, congregations, and spheres of influence.

As we continue to reimagine theological education as a seminary of and for the community, we are committed to the continued development of a Board that is inspired and equipped to help lead the way. We currently need trustees who bring professional expertise to the Board in areas we currently lack:

CRCDS President, Rev. Dr. Angela D. Sims, will be moderating the first session on January 26th.

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