It is with great sorrow that the CRCDS community announce the death of Rev. Dr. Joseph R. Kutter. Dr. Kutter received his Master of Divinity degree from Crozer Theological School in 1971. Throughout his career, Dr. Kutter served five churches, was Executive Director of the American Baptist Ministers Council, Director of Interim Ministries for the American Baptist Churches of the Central Region and Interim Executive Minister for the ABCCR (the latter two after retirement in 2012). Dr. Kutter served 20 years as a Trustee of Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School and was elected Life Trustee of CRCDS.

Dr. Larry Greenfield spoke to Dr. Kutter shortly before his passing. He shared this with us:

Dear friends,

Before he died on May 7, Joe Kutter crafted his “last sermon” as a testimony to the faithfulness of the God who continually led him into new territories. He specifically asked me to share that testimony with you.

I knew and worked with Joe in many contexts—with service as an alum and trustee of the seminary, as a pastor and denominational leader, as a partner in special projects, and most of all as a wise and inspiring friend.

He often told me how decisive his seminary experience was in his life and ministry and how enriching relationships with old and new alums gave him strength and hope for the journey. I think he would want me to thank you, on this behalf, for those gifts.

May you find a blessing – a generativity – in this last gift to us.

In faith,

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