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Student Pastor - Mountainview Christian Church

Columbus, OH

Posted on: 09/01/2022

The Student Pastor Will Be Responsible For:

Discipleship Development

Responsible for creating, integrating, and implementing an Engagement Pathway in concert with other ministry areas that include a purposeful strategy for individual spiritual growth of students.

Leadership and implementation of communication strategy to promote a pathway and discipleship program to students, their families, and the church.

Work closely with parents of students to increase and improve their ability and confidence to be the primary discipling influence for their students.

Lead the evaluation, design, implementation, and execution of student discipleship program (including planning, budget, etc.).

Team Leadership

Coaching and development of key leaders and volunteers.

Performance management.

Develop a Student Ministry Team that is diverse and includes individuals currently engaged in Student Ministry.


Oversee finances, facilities, policies and procedures, and other operational functions necessary to ensure the effectiveness of student ministry, safety, and outcomes, etc.

What You Bring:


A Bachelor’s degree in a related field.

Experience and Skills

Three or more years of proven leadership in student ministry.
Has potential to thrive in their role within the context of the vision and mission of Mountview Christian Church.
Has a proven track record of working in a setting committed to reaching and discipling students and families with a high degree of innovation, recruitment, and retention of new students.
Strong strategic leadership skills.
Excellent people skills; a people-oriented leader.
Experience in student ministry team formation and equipping.
Experience in developing, shepherding, and nurturing volunteer leaders.
Excellent communication skills in one-on-one, small and large group settings, and someone who will be at ease on the platform speaking to the congregation.
The education and experience in this field that readily displays the ability to fulfill the aforementioned responsibilities.

Personal Characteristics

A mature, well-grounded, and well-articulated personal faith in Jesus Christ.
A deep grasp and knowledge of the Bible and Christian theology.
Willingness to serve as a Christ-like role model.
A passion for keeping our students connected to Christ, each other, their families, and to this community.
A desire to develop, enhance, and expand components of the current student ministry program.
A proven capability to recruit and develop leaders.
An unrelenting passion for leading others to faith.
A proven commitment to equipping key players and releasing them to do their ministry within appropriate boundaries.

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