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Pastor - United Church of Pittsford

Pittsford, NY

Posted on: 04/03/2022

General Description: The United Church of Pittsford strives to be an inclusive community of hope and love, serving, caring, and learning together for transformation in the world. As the spiritual leader of the church, the Pastor works closely with church leaders in formulating vision and strategy based on God’s leading for the church. The Pastor has responsibility for preaching and worship leadership and to conscientiously engage in the oversight of membership growth, teaching, discipleship, visitation, and prayer ministries of the church. By using skills in administrative leadership, the Pastor will assist the church leaders in overseeing the life and direction of the church, including strategic planning, finance, administration, human resources, and operations. The Pastor will be an ambassador to the denominations and the community on behalf of the church. 

Essential Job Functions

Worship: The Pastor will serve as the Church’s primary worship leader, preparing and conducting worship services, administering the ordinances, and overseeing all aspects of the worship services that are relevant to both seekers and believers.

Pastoral Care and Counseling: The Pastor will oversee the pastoral care needs of the multigenerational congregation and as necessary, share with lay leaders in hospital visitations, home visits, counseling, marriages, and funerals. When appropriate, the Pastor will make referrals when needs are beyond the Pastor’s training or ability.

Church Growth: The Pastor will serve as the leader, in conjunction with Church leadership, in expanding, broadening, and diversifying the membership of the Church.

Christian Education: The Pastor will provide leadership and support in the development and presentation of the formal and informal Christian educational programming of the Church.

Supervision: The Pastor will supervise all paid and volunteer members of the Church staff and provide direction, as needed, for the effective functioning of the Church support functions.

Leadership: The Pastor will serve on the leadership team assisting in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating, and evaluating the total church program. The Pastor will help define strategic goals and vision as the key Church leader.

Administration: The Pastor will oversee and execute the administration of the Church in conjunction with appropriate lay leadership teams to ensure the operational readiness of the Church through leadership and oversight of the support staff, administration, business/finance, human resources, logistics, and facilities management. They will oversee development of and adherence to church policies and procedures, and compliance with state and federal laws.

Communications: The Pastor will maintain efficient and effective lines of communication between the staff, leaders, volunteers, and church members.

Digital Presence: The Pastor will utilize and contribute (based on experience) to the building and presenting the internal and external digital presence of the Church.

Stewardship and Fund Raising: The Pastor will aid in the development and implementation of the church’s giving, capital, and any special financial campaigns. This may include direct leadership or support for other leaders.

Supporting Lay Leaders: The Pastor is charged with support, encouragement, and inspiration of lay volunteers helping to equip them for their roles. In conjunction with church leaders, the Pastor will provide training opportunities building on the strengths of lay leaders, expanding the circle of leadership, and building leadership for programs of the church.

Officiating: The Pastor will perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funeral services as requested.

External Relations: The Pastor will look for opportunities to build relationships with other pastors, faith, and community leaders. The Pastor is to be visible at community events serving as an ambassador on behalf of the church.

Other Duties: Not everything associated with the Pastor’s job can be documented here, and given the fluid nature of church life, the Pastor will be prepared to respond to unexpected opportunities or challenges that arise.

How to apply:

Candidates from the American Baptist Church, United Methodist Church, or other denominations should contact for application instructions: Rev. Dr. Sandra DeMott Hasenauer Executive Minister American Baptist Churches of the Rochester/Genesee Region 1230 Long Pond Rd. Rochester, NY 14626 (585) 216-1231

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