GSRJ Conference: Strategizing for Flourishing Futures
Day 1 - Friday, April 1

The recording includes: 

  • Welcome and Call to Imagine by Dr. Hilary Jerome Scarsella 

  • Community Leaders Panel 

  • Collective Guided Reflection/Worship

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Day 2 - Saturday, April 2

Main Session: Part 1 (1:00pm - 3:00pm) - Welcome & Scholars Panel

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Afternoon Workshops:

Workshop # 1: Reading with Sexual Violence Victims: Intersectional and Restorative Readings of the Bible with Dr. Jin Young Choi. Click HERE to view.

Workshop #2: Talking about Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice in the Age of Social Media with Professor Shatavia L. Wynn. Click HERE to view.

Workshop #3: Hildegard's Vision: Reimagining Worship and Pathways of Healing with Dr. Melanie Duguid-May. Click HERE to view

Main Session: Part 2 (4:00pm - 4:25pm) - Reciprocal Call to Action

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