2022 Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice Conference

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On the shoulders of its previous, longstanding program in Women and Gender Studies in Church and Society, CRCDS launched a new program in Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice in the spring semester of 2021. Join us as we create space on April 1-2, 2022 for collective visioning of the program’s future, as well as the future of broader collaborative work to end social violence that targets women, LGBTQ+ persons, survivors of abuse, and communities of color. We offer this as a space for participants to (re)ground and cultivate deeper, accountable relationships with broader networks of academics, activists, and ministers working to make flourishing futures manifest in gendered, sexual, and racial terms.
The main components of our virtual time together include:
  • A Call to Imagination by GSRJ Director, Dr. Hilary J. Scarsella
  • A Community Leaders Panel, in which leading instigators for gender, sexual, and racial social change guide us in strategizing for flourishing futures.
  • A Scholar’s Panel, in which renowned experts whose theological work promotes gender, sexual, and racial justice guide us in strategizing for flourishing futures.
  • Collective Guided Reflection/Worship, in which hold space for spiritual nourishment and imagination.
  • Workshops, led by CRCDS faculty, that cultivate tools of thought and practice relevant for pursuing just futures. To view, the workshops click HERE. 
  • A Reciprocal Call to Action, in which we together articulate the futures we have imagined over the course of the conference and shape our steps forward.
Join us! All are welcome. 
Featured Speakers: 








Proposed Conference Schedule:

*All times listed are Eastern Standard Time 

Friday, April 1, 2022   
6:00 pm - Welcome & Call to Imagination  
6:45 pm - Community Leaders Panel  
8:15 pm - Break / Individual Guided Reflection  
8:25 pm - Collective Guided Reflection / Worship   
9:00 pm - Adjourn for the evening   
   Saturday, April 2, 2022  
1:00 pm - Welcome  
1:10 pm - Scholar's Panel / Helen Barrett Montgomery Lecture  
2:40 pm - Break / Individual Guided Reflection   
3:00 pm - Workshops   
4:00 pm - Reciprocal Call to Action   
4:30 pm - Closing   












View Workshops HERE. 
Download the Conference Flyer HERE. 

About the GSRJ Program at CRCDS

The GSRJ program exists to promote justice in gendered, sexual, and racial terms within communities of faith, communities of academic scholarship, the community of learners that calls CRCDS home, and CRCDS’s local geographic community of Rochester, New York.
GSRJ curricular programs equip students to use the resources of theological and multireligious education to recognize, analyze, and intervene in forms of violence and oppression that target women, LGBTQ+ persons, and survivors of sexual violence—particularly women, LGBTQ+ persons, and survivors of color. Students learn to draw on both historically significant and contemporary scholarship and activism to assess the specific ways that violence against such persons is manifesting in their own social contexts. GSRJ curricular programs develop students’ capacity to create intellectually rich, concrete plans to interrupt, challenge, and transform the systems giving rise to that violence.
Questions? Check out our FAQ section at the bottom of this page or contact: 
Hilary J. Scarsella, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Ethics
Director of Gender, Sexual, and Racial Justice Studies 





Check out the video for additional information about the conference:

GSRJ Conference FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Will this conference be in person or virtual?
This conference will be completely virtual for 2022. Conference sessions will be online using the ZOOM Webinar Platform.
What is the cost to attend the conference?
That is the great news! There will be no cost this year for this conference. Registration is FREE. You can register HERE. 
Who is this conference designed for?
This conference is designed for students, academics, church leaders, lay members, board members, and community leaders and organizers. 
How do I sign up for the workshops? When will they take place?
Workshops will be held on the 2nd day of the Conference (April 2) at 3:00pm, Eastern. There is no need to sign up in advance. In your registration packet that you will receive, you will be provided with the links to the workshops.