A Message from Dr. Angela Sims

Dear Alumni/ae, Friends, and Community Partners of CRCDS:

October 20th marked the third month in the facility that is now home to Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS). Located in Rochester’s historic Neighborhood of the Arts, our Village Gate campus represents a renewed commitment to our mission and how we envision our work. Recognizing that change rarely comes easily or without risks, we acknowledge that change can also serve as a catalyst. For us, change is a unique invitation to re-imagine how we position CRCDS as a seminary of and for the community and in theological education as an institution in pursuit of peace and justice committed to our mission to prepare, equip, and engage students for service to church and world.

As I consider my journey ahead as the 13th President of CRCDS, I do so by honoring my initial seven weeks at the location that had been home to CRCDS for 90 years. Beginning my presidential tenure on those historic grounds afforded me a glimpse of the school that is not captured fully in publications or told in narratives. My time at 1100 S Goodman Street allowed me to consider ways in which photos and other memorabilia that added to the charm and character of that edifice can be used to blend our past, present, and future in our new home. As we live into our mission at 320 N Goodman Street, we do so mindful that our history, time, space, and place matter!

Our move symbolized a continuum in CRCDS’ history characterized by intentionality to position this 200-year old educational institution to remain a vital member of the Rochester metro area. I pray that whether from a hillside location with spectacular views of the city or in the Neighborhood of the Arts in a building that faces an active railroad track, you may also take the time to honor the institution in the wake of new beginnings. Your support in thought and deed also matter. CRCDS seeks to live into its mission with your generous support.

Your $200 gift this fall, in recognition of our 200th year, will allow us to freely envision our future enthusiastically and with confidence. Click on the link, https://www.crcds.edu/give-to-crcds/make-a-gift/, to make your donation online.

This invitation to support CRCDS comes with an open invitation to visit and tour our new space, engage with us on social media, and re-envision your own commitment to theological education through the life and work of CRCDS. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Angela D. Sims, Ph.D.
President, CRCDS