A Message from Pres. Marvin A. McMickle

Dear Supporters,President Marvin A. McMickle

I recently wrote to you with an update about Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS) and its plans moving forward. I hope you had the opportunity to read it and I hope you remain committed to the mission of CRCDS and the core values it represents. Looking at the state of our nation and our world, it is clear that we need CRCDS graduates, now more than ever. The CRCDS education provides leaders to our communities and churches who are pastoral in how they understand and carry out their work, prophetic in their dedication to speak truth to power and to stand with the least of these, and, finally, learned, equipped with foundational information to appropriately discern God’s call wisely and collaboratively. We give thanks for our mission and thanks for our students who bravely answer God’s call during a time of great transition and unknowns.

Despite the realities of selling our campus and identifying a new location for the future home of CRCDS, our focus remains on the education of our students. We are thankful for all those who have supported us so generously in the past and we thank God for the trust you have placed in us and in the CRCDS mission. I sincerely hope and pray you will choose to support this year’s Fund for CRCDS by making your gift or pledge today. Our ability to carry out the CRCDS mission depends directly on your generosity and the generosity of all our alumni/ae and friends who care about our world and believe in a vision of a more just, equitable, peaceful and loving society.

This is a time of great change in our world, in the church, in our communities and in the life of CRCDS. The need for CRCDS, however, and the faith filled leaders it puts forth remains constant. Please know how grateful we are for you, for your prayerful support and for your dedication to CRCDS. You are a treasured partner on our journey and we continue to thank God for you. Together, all of us in the CRCDS family are answering God’s call, and working toward a vision of our world that brings Good News to all God’s people, regardless of wealth, status or power. Preparing leaders for this task is the mission of CRCDS. Thank you for helping to make our mission a reality.


Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D.

P.S. We are so grateful for your generosity.