Foundational Theological Certificate

Do you serve as a ministry leader in your local church?
Do you want to gain additional resources to support your teaching?
Do you want to advance your leadership skills?
The Foundational Theological Graduate Certificate at CRCDS maybe the answer!
With a Foundational Theological Graduate Certificate, you’ll be equipped to apply biblical principles to practical problems you encounter in life and ministry which will prepare you to serve wherever God may lead. This certificate is designed for individuals who have completed an undergraduate degree at a college or university and desire to deepen their understanding of theology.
This certificate also provides support to ministers, ministry leaders, religious educators, clergy spouses, and others who provide valuable service in support of the church’s ministry for whom seminary is not a prerequisite for service, licensing and/or ordination.
Why Pursue this Graduate Certificate at CRCDS?
Deepen Your Knowledge. Explore the Torah and Former Prophets and receive an introduction to earlier literature and thought of the Old Testament. Dive into the New Testament and gain a broader understanding of the growth and development of early Christianity. You will leave prepared to interpret the New Testament texts and apply them to your life and ministry contexts. This certificate program consists of six courses.
Learn from Experienced Faculty. All the courses in this certificate program are part of CRCDS’s degree programs, meaning you’ll will receive the same high-quality education and training from experienced professors.
Enjoy the Flexibility of a Cost-Effective and Time-Efficient Program. With remote, in-person, and hy-flex learning formats, this certificate is a great option if you want to strengthen your knowledge in a short amount of time. Most students can complete this certificate in 18 – 24 months. This certificate program is also part of CRCDS’s NEW $300 a month Tuition Subscription Plan (TSP).
Take a “Test Drive” of a CRCDS Master’s Program. Not sure whether to pursue a full degree? This certificate program gives you a taste of what CRCDS’s academic degree programs and seminary life can offer. All required certificate courses are part of the Master of Arts and Master of Divinity degrees, meaning those wanting to see if a full seminary degree is for them can use this certificate as a “trial run” and apply their credits toward a master’s program.
The recommended courses are below:
  1. CS 101 Introduction to the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible
  2. CS 112 Introduction to the New Testament
  3. CF MS 170 Intersectional Theology
  4. History (any 100 level: CF 120 American Religious History; CF 128 Ancient and Medieval Church History; CF129 Reformation and Modern Church History)
  5. Theology (any 100 level: CF 100 Christian Belief Today; CF 160 Faith Seeking Understanding)
  6. Elective (CF110 Introduction to Christian Ethics, PT 217 Intro to Pastoral Theology, 200 level course in consultation with advisor)