Foundational Theological Certificate

The certificate program also provides support of ministers for whom seminary is not a prerequisite for licensing and / or ordination, ministry leaders, religious educators, clergy spouses, and others who provide valuable service in support of the church’s ministry of Christian religious education. For these persons, a Foundational Theological Certificate may be particularly helpful. The recommended courses are below:

  1. CS 101 Introduction to the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible
  2. CS 112 Introduction to the New Testament
  3. CF MS 170 Intersectional Theology
  4. History (any 100 level: CF 120 American Religious History; CF 128 Ancient and Medieval Church History; CF129 Reformation and Modern Church History)
  5. Theology (any 100 level: CF 100 Christian Belief Today; CF 160 Faith Seeking Understanding)
  6. Elective (CF110 Introduction to Christian Ethics, PT 217 Intro to Pastoral Theology, 200 level course in consultation with advisor)