2018 Fall Lectures

Monday, October 1, 2018

7:00 pm

Christian Faith and LGBT Experience
Rev. Abi John, Pastor, The Church of the Good Shepherd, Savona, NY

Abi John is a young priest from Chennai, India, who just finished advanced studies at Union (M.A. and M.Phil in political science, and a S.T.M., with his M.Div. from Gurukuhl in Chennai) and is now at the Episcopal parish in Savona, with his wife and two children. He has done in-depth studies, with James Cone, on ML King, Jr., Malcolm X, and B.R. Ambedkar, the Indian social reformer who inspired the Dalit Buddhist Movement against social discrimination. He’s also done a thesis on the popular spirituality of the indigenous people focused on Amman, the goddess of life, and on sexualities in India, especially the Hijra who are recognized as third gender by some governments, being neither female nor male. He was a priest in the Hijra community. Very articulate, intelligent, passionate guy.

Location: Lake Avenue Baptist Church, 72 Ambrose St., Rochester, NY 14608

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

1:30 pm

African American Legacy & JC Wynn Workshop
Micah White, Ph.D., activist, speaker, educator

Micah White is the lifelong activist who co-created Occupy Wall Street, a global social movement that spread to 82 countries, while an editor of Adbusters magazine. He has a twenty-year record of innovative activism, including conceiving the debt forgiveness tactic used by the Rolling Jubilee and RIP Medical Debt, popularizing the critique of clicktivism and identifying the emerging trend of “social movement warfare.” Widely recognized as a pioneer of social movement creation, White has been profiled by NPR’s Morning Edition, The New Yorker and The Guardian. In recognition of his contributions, Esquire has named him one of the most influential young thinkers alive today. Micah has received numerous awards, including the Roddenberry Fellowship and Voqal Fellowship to create Activist Graduate School. He was also named the National Endowment for the Humanities / Hannah Arendt Center Distinguished Visiting Fellow at Bard College where he is co-teaching a seminar on social activism.

Location: Baber AME Church, 550 Meigs St., Rochester, NY 14607

7:00 pm

African American Legacy & JC Wynn Lecture: “Mysticism and Revolutionary Change”
Micah White, Ph.D.

Location: Asbury First United Methodist Church, 1050 East Ave., Rochester, NY 14607

Wednesday, October 4, 2018

9:00 am – 12:00 noon

Janice Lynn Cohen Symposium: “Between Heaven and Earth: Facing Death at Birth”

Location: University of Rochester Medical Center Class of 1962 Auditorium, 601 Elmwood Ave., Rochester, NY 14692

Questions? Call (585) 340-9643 or email ddiederich@crcds.edu

Those attending the African American and JC Wynn workshop will receive Micah White’s book, The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution.

Thank you to the following Churches who co-sponsored the African American Legacy & JC Wynn workshop and lecture:

Asbury First United Methodist Church
Baber AME Church
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Third Presbyterian Church