Dr. James Sanders, the first Fulbright Scholar in religion, the educator who helped launch the sub discipline of biblical study called canonical criticism and the former Professor of Old Testament Studies at Colgate Rochester Divinity School (1954-65) has written a new book: The Re-Birth of A Born-Again Christian: A Memoir, published by Cascade Books. Founder and President Emeritus of the Ancient Biblical Manuscript Center for Preservation and Research in Claremont, CA, Dr. Sanders says that while he cherishes his early experience of being “saved” or “born again,” he has become deeply concerned at the changes in the evangelical movement in America, especially in its being politicized.

CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle says of the book, “This is the amazing story of someone born into the Bible Belt of Memphis, Tennessee, with its literal reading of scripture, and into what he called the American form of racial apartheid. Yet he would go on to master and even expand the work of biblical criticism. He also found in the scriptures the truths that allowed him to challenge racism and bigotry that he encountered both in the South and across the United States.”

In addition to serving on the faculty of Colgate Rochester Divinity School, Dr. Sanders taught at Union Theological Seminary, Columbia University, and the Claremont School of Theology. He has authored or edited more than twenty books.