About 75 people gathered in the Samuel Colgate Memorial Chapel on February 13, 2018 for the 5th Annual “Blessing of Relationships” at CRCDS. Many newcomers joined those who make this event a regular part of their Valentine’s Day celebration. 

CRCDS student Rev. Myra Brown, pastor at Spiritus Christi Church, delivered a heartfelt and inspirational blessing on the couples. A transcript of Rev. Brown’s blessing follows:

“Giver of Life, and Lord of our Hearts

We ask your blessing upon your people gathered here today

Who bring their relationships before You

We ask You to renew and deepen their commitment to each other,

To guide them, to lift them, to teach them to live in mutuality with each other,

To let your Holy Spirit descend upon them, sanctify them; fill them with joy

as they rekindle a deep appreciation for one another and with You.

Work together to glorify You wherever You are and wherever You send them.

God, we ask that You provide for any needs they may have placed before You

We ask for healing of any fractures in their relationships now, or in the future.

We ask that you build a hedge of protection around them;

Guard them from any outside forces that might try to attack their relationships.

Be their Center, Be their Anchor, Be their Rock.

In your precious name, Amen.”

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