Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Devotional by: Rev. Angela D. Sims, Ph.D.

I often wonder why persons who continue to honor a Lenten tradition of selective abstinence prescriptively often refuse to acknowledge how they contribute to and benefit from systems of injustice predicated on and sustained by myths of superiority. Certainly after years of not eating certain foods, or consuming certain beverages, or not engaging on social media during this liturgical season of reflection one might look for evidence of personal change that contributes in some ways to social change.

If Lent is indeed a time to reflect on personal-social transformation, as informed by an understanding of Jesus’ wilderness experience and his response to temptations, then perhaps during this 2021 Lenten season – a time marked by COVID-19, economic disruption, white supremacist toxicity, sedition- more persons who self-identify as Christian will, to borrow from the title of Dr. Marcia Rigg’s signature publication, “Awake, Arise, and Act” with an express purpose to do / to be the “good works” for which we are supposedly created to embody and manifest in very concrete ways. – reflecting on Ephesians 2.10

Action: give yourself permission this year to be still and commune with God

Rev. Angela D. Sims, Ph.D. serves as the 13th President at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS).