CRCDS is excited to launch two new graduate certificate programs beginning with the upcoming Spring 2021 Semester. The two certificates are Gender, Sexual & Racial Justice (GSRJ) and Earth, Justice & Spirituality (EJS). Dr. Deborah J. Rogers, Vice President for Academic Affairs, explains more in this release video: 

You may also download the flyer here. 


Q: How many courses are the certificates?

A: The Graduate Certificate Studies program consists of six, 3 credit hour courses.

Q: How long does it take to complete a certificate? 

A: Students who begin courses in the Spring 2021 Semester, may be able to complete the entire certificate in as little as 18 months or in 3 semesters.

Q: What classes are available in the Spring 2021 Semester?

A: For the Earth, Justice, and Spirituality certificate the following classes are available: CF 301 Forest Spirituality and CF MF 170 Intersectional Theology. For the the Gender, Sexual & Racial Justice certificate the following classes are available: MS 280 Gender Perspectives and CF MF 170 Intersectional Theology.

Q: What is an academic advisor and what do they do?

A: An academic advisor plays a key role in not only course advisement but also the student evaluation process. Once admitted, students in the program would receive their academic advisement from one of our core faculty members.

Q: When do the classes start? Am I too late to begin?

A: The Spring 2021 Semester began on January 25th, however we are able to fast track students through the admittance process and registration, if a student is still interested. The last day to enroll would be February 8th. You may have missed the first 1 – 2 classes, but the faculty member would work with you to get you up to speed.

Q: Are classes in person or online?

A: All classes are online for the Spring 2021 Semester due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions in our area. Each class will be interactive and held on Zoom.

Q: I am a current CRCDS Student, how can I enroll in a course?

A: Current CRCDS degree students interested in taking one of the Graduate Certificate Studies courses should contact their academic advisor to confirm if the courses align and meet their current degree program’s program-specific requirements.

Q: What do I do if I have more questions or would like to enroll?

A: Prospective students who would like to learn more about the Graduate Certificate Studies program or interested in applying may contact Polly Bush, Director of Admissions e: or p: 585-261-3695. You may also fill out the contact form below.