Course: CS 112 – New Testament Introduction
Instructor: Jin Young Choi

Required Books:
Attridge, et al., eds.: Harper Collins Study Bible (NRSV with Apocrypha) $37.75
Aymer, Margaret, Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, David Sanchez, R. S.: Fortress Commentary on the Bible $32.75
Blount, Brian: Invasion of the Dead: Preaching Resurrection $17.00
Newsome, Carol: Women’s Bible Commentary, 3rd edition $42.00

Course: CS 115 – The Gospel of Mark
Instructor: Jin Young Choi

Required Books:
American Bible Society, Synopsis of the Four Gospels $42.50
Anderson, Janice and Stephen Moore: Mark and Method: New Approaches $27.00
Harrington, Daniel: The Gospel of Mark (Sacra Pagina) $25.50
Horsley, Richard: Hearing the Whole Story $29.75

Course: MS WG 280 – Women & Gender Perspectives on Faith
Instructor: Melanie Duguid-May

Required Books:

Atwood, Margaret: The Handmaid’s Tale $13.50
Christ, Carol P. & Judith Plaskow, eds., Womanspirit Rising $13.65
Clark, Elizabeth A. & Herbert Richardson, eds.: Women and Religion $18.75
Kwok, Pui-Lan: Hope Abundant $28.75
Oden, Amy: In Her Words $28.00
Ruether, Rosemary Radford: Goddesses and the Divine Feminine $7.00

Course: CF 302 Mystics, Communities & Change
Instructor: Melanie Duguid-May

Required Books:
Abhishiktanada: For Mysticism. Abhisiktananda. Prayer. $12.50
Holmes, Barbara: Joy Unspeakable: Contemplative Practices of the Black Church $17.00
Laudato Si’ $11.00
McGinn, Bernard: Essential Writings of Christian Mysticism (Modern Library) $17.00
Thurman, Howard: Search for Common Ground $13.00
Underhill, Evelyn: Practical Mysticism (Renaissance Classics) $10.00
Vaughan, Llewelyn: Spiritual Ecology: 10 Practices to Reawaken the Sacred in Everyday $11.00
White, Micah: The End of Protest: A New Playbook for Revolution $17.00

Course: CS 108 – Biblical Hebrew
Instructor: John Fadden

Required Books:
Webster, Brian L.: The Cambridge Introduction to Biblical Hebrew $49.99

Course: CF 160 – Faith Seeking Understanding
Instructor: David Kim

Required Books:
Arendt, Hannah: Love and St. Augustine $15.00
Dunn, James: Christology in the Making $36.00
Lewis, C.S.: St. Athanasius, On the Incarnation $13.75
Plantinga, Richard, Thomas Thompson, and Matthew Lunberg: Introduction to Christian Theology $34.00
Thurman, Howard: Jesus and the Disinherited $14.00

Course: CF 110 – Intro to Ethics
Instructor: David Kim

Required Books:
Cahill, Lisa: Love Your Enemies $21.00
Dyck, Arthur: Life’s Worth $ 21.50
Finn, Daniel: Christian Economic Ethics $30.00
Lovin, Robin: Introduction to Christian Ethics $25.00
Sandel, Michael: Justice: what’s the Right Thing to Do? $12.75

Course: PT 202 – Supervised Ministry
Instructor: Stephanie Sauvé

Required Books:
Floding, Matthew: Engage: A Theological Field Education Toolkit $24.00
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Course: PT 217 – Introduction to Pastoral Care
Instructor: Stephanie Sauvé

Doehring, Carrie: Practice of Pastoral Care (2015 edition) $27.00
Harper, Gary: The Joy of Conflict $17.00
Jackson, Cari: Gift to Listen, the Courage to Hear $12.99
Switzer, David: Pastoral Care Emergencies $20.00

Course: CF 130 – Early Church History
Instructor: John Tyson

Required Books:
Gonzalez, Justo: The Story of Christianity, Vol. I (2nd Edition) $27.99
Kerr, Hugh: Readings in Christian Thought (2nd Edition) $31.50
Pine-Coffin, R.S.: Saint Augustine’s Confessions $8.50
Lewis, C.S.: St. Athanasius On the Incarnation $13.75
Tyson, John R.: Invitation to Christian Spirituality $72.95
Tyson, John R.: The Great Athanasius $22.00

Course: CF 307 – Christ in Christian Tradition
Instructor: John Tyson

Required Books:
Lewis, C.S.: Dt. Athanasius: On the Incarnation $13.75
Aulen, Gustav: Christus Victor $26.00
Green,Gene, Stephen Pardue and K.K. Yeo eds.: Jesus Without Borders $18.50
Thomas a’ Kempis: The Imitation of Christ $5.00
Norris, Richard: The Christology Controversy $24.95
O’Collins, Gerald: Christology: Biblical, Historical and Systematic Study of Jesus (2nd ) $30.00
Papandera, James: Earliest Christologies $15.50
Schweitzer, Don: Contemporary Christologies $24.00

Course: MS CS 250 – Jewish Interpretation of the Bible: Talmud, Midrash and Beyond
Instructor: Rabbi Peter Stein

Required Books:
Berlin, Adele and Mac Zvi Brettler, eds.: Jewish Study Bible $33.00
Collins, John J.: Introduction to the Hebrew Bible $49.00
Hauptman, Judith: Rereading the Rabbis $43.00
Holtz, Barry: Back to the Sources $15.00
Steinsaltz, Rabbi Adin: The Talmud, The Steinsaltz Edition, Reference Guide $11.00 (used)