A Guide to Writing Your Recollection

When writing your recollection, remember that you are writing to an audience of fellow classmates and also to those who may pick it up off the shelves to take a peek into the school’s history and the people who made up that history.

Possible topics to write about include:

  1. Your days as a seminary student
  • What made you decide to enter seminary
  • Why you selected CRCDS / CTS
  • First impressions when arriving on campus
  • Highlights of your days in seminary
  • Friendships made
  • Memorable professors / staff
  • Memorable moments on campus and in the classroom
  • Memories of your first preaching assignment
  • Fun and recreation
  • Humorous remembrances
  1. Your career and life following seminary
  • Where did you go and what did you do following graduation
  • Highlights of your career and life
  • How your career and interests blossomed and changed over the years
  • Memorable moments / most rewarding moments
  • Family life
  • How you are spending your retirement

Please send your 2-3 page “Recollection” along with a current photo of yourself and any photos you may have from your seminary days to: (Recollection Submission deadline is March 2, 2018)

Alumni Reunion
Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School
1100 South Goodman Street
Rochester, NY 14620

Phone: 585-340-9643
Email: alumni@crcds.edu

Photos will be returned to you after the Reunion.