D. Min. in Peace Building and Interfaith Dialogue

This course of study will equip students with leadership skills needed to engage peace and conflict, and invite students into the current multifaceted conversation taking place among scholars and practitioners of peace studies and conflict transformation.

HEGIS Code: 2301.00

Eligibility Requirements: A completed Master of Divinity degree or it’s equivalent (Click here to view guidelines for MDiv Equivalency) and 3 years of ministry experience subsequent to completing the Master of Divinity degree.

Curricular Requirements: 9 three-credit hour courses, including a written thesis and an oral thesis defense.

Required courses include:

  • INT 701 Discerning the Context for Ministry in the 21st Century
  • INT 711 Thesis Writing Colloquy
  • INT 740 The Theory and Practice of Peace Building
  • INT 744 Conflict Transformation
  • 2 Courses from the Abrahamic Faith Traditions
  • Thesis Writing

2 elective courses from the following list:

  • Global Read of the Bible
  • Preaching the Gospel in a Religiously Pluralistic Society
  • Kairos: Call to Repent, Cry of Hope
  • Making War, Making Peace
  • (Potential course from what is currently offered)

The Current Course Schedule and Course Descriptions May Be Downloaded Here