Executive Director: FOCUS Churches of Albany, NY

FOCUS Churches of Albany, NY, a dynamic and healthy nonprofit set in the heart of the city, seeks a full time person to share our common calling to hospitality, mercy and justice. The candidate we seek will have a passion for urban ministry and will take joy in working with over 150 volunteers and a staff of 12.  Ordination desired but not required; administrative and nonprofit management experience required.  Compensation includes a salary commensurate with experience and a generous benefit package.   More information about FOCUS available at: www.focuschurches.net   Start date by December 2015.  Potential candidates may send a letter of interest and a resume by September 15 to: FOCUS Churches, 275 State Street, Albany, NY  12210.  We cannot respond to phone or email inquiries.

Executive Pastor: Church of Love Faith Center (Rochester, NY)

Job Description

The Executive Pastor is responsible for day-to-day church management and operations, and will assist the Senior Pastor as needed with the ministry of the church.

Church of Love Faith Center Vision:  “Transforming everyday people from every nation into everyday disciples who will replicate themselves and forgive and restore, quickly, impacting the world for the Kingdom of God.”

Church of Love Faith Center Mission:  “Glorify God by making fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ, while establishing COLFC as a leadership culture.”

Ministry Area/Department:  General Staff/Administration
Accountable To:  Senior Pastor
Position Is:  Paid Staff
Minimum Maturity Level:  Solid, very mature
Spiritual Gifts:  Administration, Exhortation
Talents or Abilities Desired:  Good organizational Skill, Ability to teach or preach in Sr. Pastor’s Absence, Ability to lead others
Best Personality Traits: Leader-dependable, Expressive
Position Summary

The role of the Church of Love Faith Center Executive Pastor is to assist the Senior Pastor and the Board of Directors in ensuring that the strategic ministry objectives of the church vision are effectively and efficiently carried out.  As Chief of Staff, the COLFC Executive Pastor supports and supervises the full-time pastoral staff and ministry team leaders, assisting them and being a resource to them in order that the ministry objectives may be accomplished in the most God-honoring way for the betterment of the local church body.  The Executive Pastor will lead in aligning staff and ministry teams with the COLFC mission objectives established by the Senior Pastor, which were informed upon him by the Holy Spirit.  The Executive Pastor will ensure that the systems, practices, activities, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively carry out those objectives and other principles established by the Board of Directors.  This requires a firm understanding of, and agreement with, the COLFC mission statement, core values, and strategic objectives.  He or she will maximize the effectiveness of present programs, and help develop new programs as needed in keeping with established goals.


  • A heart for God that is evidenced by proven character and a spiritual-mindedness that understands that “apart from Christ we can do nothing.”
  • A strong marriage and family life visible to others
  • A shepherd’s temperament; servant-leader/mentor attitude and inclination
  • Strong interpersonal skills—ability to communicate persuasively and compassionately, both orally and in writing
  • Strong biblical foundation for wise management in a church setting
  • Proven results in a related experience
  • Demonstrated leadership and leader development
  • Understands COLFC’s vision, purpose, and direction
  • Demonstrated wisdom in decisions, actions, and recommendations
  • Evaluates decisions/actions by their overall impact and long-term implications
  • Team developer
  • Experience overseeing a significant budget
  • Relational match with Senior Pastor and Board of Directors

The Executive Pastor will Operate in Five Key Areas:

  1. Strategic Planning and Leadership (25%)

In conjunction the with Senior Pastor and the Board of Directors, support COLFC strategic planning and staff coordination in execution of that plan.  Help define strategic goals and vision as a key leader among staff and lay leaders.

  • Provide significant input in vision casting and goal setting
  • Monitor the pulse of the congregation through research and evaluation
  • Ensure staffing, facilities, and programs are appropriately and aligned to best meet our strategic goals
  • Oversee and cross level the preparation of annual ministry plans by the functional pastors and ministry team leaders. Avoid duplicated efforts.  Champion appropriate resourcing of initiatives.
  1. Chief of Staff (50%)
  • Oversee training and development for the pastoral staff
  • Coordinate and lead weekly staff meetings and other activities designed to clarify, execute, and cross level COLFC goals, objectives, and programs
  • Oversee the hiring and evaluation of senior staff
  • Provide leadership to the pastoral staff in the design and implementation of their annual ministry plans
  • Conduct direct face-to-face status updates with each senior staff member bi-weekly
  • Serve as COLFC’s intentional agent of unity across all staff, ministries, and functions to best complete COLFC’s mission statement
  1. Board of Director Liaison (15%)
  • Serve as primary liaison/conduit between staff and various ministries to the COLFC Board of Directors
  • Attend bi-monthly Board of Directors and Finance Committee Meetings to maintain contact and communicate the Board’s vision to the staff
  • Key leader in organizing, facilitating, and follow-up to the annual Board/Staff retreat
  • Maintains confidential record of Board decisions and proceedings (i.e. minutes). Assists in the preparation of a draft agenda for all Board Meetings, to be approved prior to meetings by Bishop Parris.
  1. Administrative Oversight (10%)
  • Administration of the financial functions of the church
  • Human Resource Management issues—conduct and document performance evaluations, and on-going informal performance feedback. Oversee the negotiation of insurance and other benefits, etc.
  • Maintenance and operation of computer, information, and communication systems
  • The effective staffing and functioning of all other administrative and building support functions.
  • Development, documentation of, and adherence to church policies and procedures
  1. Miscellaneous

Other pastoral or administrative duties as assigned by the Senior Pastor.

Responses may be sent to Janelle Parris at jparris@colfc.org

Spiritual Leader: The Norris Religious Fellowship (Norris, TN)

The Norris Religious Fellowship, an interdenominational church (member ICCC) in the small town of Norris, TN is looking for a spiritual leader.  Must be a graduate of an accredited Christian seminary ordained in a community or mainline protestant church.  A passion for counseling the ill and grieving is desirable.  Moderate to liberal theology is needed. Position available March 2016, deadline for applications October 31, 2015.  For more information contact search@norrisrf.org or Norris Religious Fellowship Pastoral Search Committee, P.O. Box 1069, Norris, TN 37828