Withdrawal from a Supervised Ministry Placement

Once a supervisor and a site have been accredited and the student has filed the required paperwork and registered for Supervised Ministry, a letter of confirmation will be sent to the supervisor and to the student formalizing the relationship of student, site, and supervisor with the school.  After that point, it is assumed that the Supervised Ministry course will be completed in that site.

In the event that questions arise about the viability of a student’s placement, the Director of Supervised Ministry shall be contacted immediately. Termination of the relationship is an option, but it shall not be considered until the Students, Director of Supervised Ministry and the Supervisor have engaged in a process of conflict transformation to respond to the questions or issues that threaten the viability of the placement.

If for any reason the student, supervisor or site committee convener initiates a termination of the placement, the procedure is carried out according to policy on “withdrawal from a course” as stated in the Campus Handbook, pp. 20 – 21.  The student must then retake this required course in order to complete the M. Div. degree.