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a wall in jerusalem

A Wall in Jerusalem: Hope, Healing, and the Struggle for Justice in Israel and Palestine by Mark Braverman. New York: Jericho Books, 2013. $14.00

This insightful and thought-provoking book addresses the conflicts between Jews and Palestinians and is written from the perspective of an American Jew.

The author delivers a strong message to Jews and Christians alike: it is not anti-Semitic to stand up for justice for the Palestinian people. A Wall in Jerusalem offers a provocative and unique perspective on this controversial  issue, and specific, real-time prescriptions for action, with specific emphasis on the role of the church in our time.

fatal embraceFatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land by Mark Braverman. New York:  Beaufort Books, 2010. $16.00

As Palestinians continually lose more land, many people believe that America does not react appropriately to Israel's significant human rights violations. Mark Braverman explains how the fear of anti-Semitism has prevented people from standing up to Israel. The author describes an innovative way forward utilizing prophetic justice and the lessons from Jesus' transformative ministry.



marking time

Marking Time: Preaching Biblical Stories in Present Tense by Barbara K. Lundblad. Nashville: Abington Press, 2007. $15.00

In this volume, which grows out of Lundblad's 2000 Beecher Lectures delivered at Yale Divinity School, the author presents both an argument for the ongoing intersection of the biblical and contemporary worlds, and examples of how that intersection might take place. The author demonstrates the method in sermons that take familiar biblical stories and tells them anew.


transforming the stone


Transforming the Stone: Preaching Through Resistance to Change by Barbara K. Lundblad.  Nashville: Abingdon Press, 2001. $17.00

Lundblad's book addresses preaching at a whole new level. In raising tough questions, she pushes preachers to step outside their comfort zones and challenge their congregations in exciting ways. Ministers will learn how to address contemporary issues in powerful, prophetic and transformative ways.



Occupied with Nonviolence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks, by Jean Zaru. Minneapolis: Fortress Press, 2008. $21.00

Jean Zaru is a Palestinian Christian woman living in Ramallah, just outside of Jerusalem, and is uniquely qualified to describe what is going on in Palestine today.  She weighs the country's rich history with the modern reality of its many diverse people and offers a religiously-backed nonviolent path for peace and justice. 




pooring out

'Pooring Out' by Elaine Hawkins. Trafford Publishing, 2012. $25.00

 'Pooring Out' is a book of poetry and prose artfully arranged describing life experiences, emotions, personalities, and nature and personalities, and while written from an African American perspective, addresses universal themes in a moving way. The author presents the roles of religion, politics and social justice as integral parts of humanity.



the book of jeremiah


The Book of Jeremiah: The Life and Ministry of Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. by Susan Williams Smith.  Cleveland: Pilgrim Press, 2013. $16.00

This book examines Wright as a man, African American, patriot, scholar, prophet and pastor. The relevance of his ministry extends far beyond his pastorate at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, reaching a global stage with a message of liberation and justice.



what makes you so strongWhat Makes You So Strong? Sermons of Joy and Strength by Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. edited by Jini M. Kilgore. Valley Forge: Judson Press, 1993. $12.00

Preached as part of an annual series of services commemorating the life, work, and theology of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., these sermons, made wildly popular through radio broadcasts and personal appearances, have been raised to the status of "classic."  Editor Jini M. Kilgore has included study questions, adding a dimension of interaction to the powerful messages so many have enjoyed.



Good news!


Good News! Sermons of Hope for Today's Families by Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr.  Valley Forge: Judson Press,1995.  $10.00

Wright preaches hope and challenge to ALL family members:  married, single, parents, children, accepted and outcast.  Never one to shy away from controversy, Dr. Wright sheds new light on some of the most vulnerable and troublesome spots Christians find themselves in: family settings.  In his inimitable style, Dr. Wright uses candor, wit and unmistakable power to convey the message to everyone that "God has some good news for you."