Senior Sermon Provides Moment of Silence for Boston Marathon Tragedy

The Tower Bells were rung twenty times as many gathered yesterday in the Samuel Colgate Memorial Chapel at 11:20 am to be in silent community in the wake of the recent bombings in Boston.

callid.keefe-perryThe gathering was a last-minute addition to third-year M.Div. student Callid Keefe-Perry's Senior Sermon. Kristina Keefe-Perry, Callid's wife, also participated in the liturgy. The service followed in the tradition of the Society of Friends, where silence plays a central role in creating a fellowship in spiritual communion with God.

The tragedy had a personal note for Callid; he is a native of Boston and has many friends and family who participate in the marathon each year. He and Kristina will be moving back to the city this summer to continue their education. Callid will be pursuing a doctorate at Boston University.

Many media outlets in the Rochester area covered the event. You can see the video of that coverage at the links below.