Save the Date: The 16th Helen Barrett Montgomery Conference

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"Challenging the Religion of Thinness: Affirming the Beauty of Women"

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Michelle M. Lelwica

Dr. Lelwica is currently Associate Professor in the Religion Department at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, where she teaches classes that deal with embodiment, mindfulness, religion, gender and cultural critique. She studied religion at Harvard Divinity School, where she received her Doctorate of Theology (Th.D.) in Religion, Gender and Culture in 1996.

She is renowned for her work Starving for Salvation: The Spiritual Dimensions of Eating Problems among American Girls and Women (Oxford, 1999), which is an academic analysis of the religious and cultural underpinnings of eating disorders and related problems. She has also published a number of scholarly articles, delivered papers and lectured widely on the role of religion and spirituality in women's conflicted relationship to food and their bodies. Her most recent title is Religion of Thinness: Satisfying the Spiritual Hungers behind Women's Obsession with Food and Weight. You can order it online at

When & Where

Date: Thursday-Saturday, Nov. 8-10, 2012
Place: Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School (CRCDS), 1100 S. Goodman, Rochester, NY 14607

About the Conference

The Helen Barrett Montgomery Conference is an annual lecture organized and sponsored by the Program for the Study of Women and Gender in Church and Society,which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in the upcoming academic year. The series was established to creatively and energetically explore contemporary issues facing women in the church. Past topics have included violence against women, the role of women in leadership in church history and the feminist-womanist discourse within the church, among many others. Rachael Adler, Mary Daly and Toinette Eugene are but a few of the internationally-acclaimed speakers who have come to speak at this event.

Registration will be open in August. For more information, such as cost, please contact G.P. Dickerson-Hanks.