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NEW OFFERING: FALL 2014 – Master of Arts in Kairos Studies 

Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School announced a new Masters track in Kairos Studies beginning in the fall of 2014. The MA in Kairos Studies provides students with unique opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge of Kairos from biblical, theological and historical perspectives. Kairos, a Greek word for "time," refers to "God's time" – a concept in sharp contrast to the chronological time by which we most often order our day-to-day lives.

Kairos represents God’s “in-breaking” into the times in which we live, providing an essential lens through which we must view, understand and ultimately respond to the realities of our present lives. The new master’s track in Kairos Studies engages the Global Kairos Movement while continuing the CRCDS legacy of justice with an emphasis on the social gospel. Through the exploration of Kairos, students will learn how to live out the foundational values of justice and love as they are applied specifically to both global and local contexts, while engaging this growing, transformative movement. The MA in Kairos Studies will provide opportunities for global travel as well as a three-month immersion project. It provides students with the concrete tools necessary to speak truth to power, to advocate for the “least of these”, to build communities of radical reconciliation and to boldly proclaim the Gospel.

The degree program consists of 16 courses, 12 required and 4 electives.

Required Courses

  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Introduction to the New Testament
  • Christian Belief Today
  • Black Church Studies
  • Women and Gender Studies
  • Faith & Christian Response to Pluralism
  • Kairos Moments in American Religious History
  • Organizing for Change: Tools and Discernment
  • Introduction to Kairos Studies
  • Introduction to Kairos Immersion Final Project (2 course equivalence)

Elective Courses (students may choose 4 of the following):

  • Ministry on the Margins
  • Small Christian Communities
  • Abrahamic Faiths & the Making of War and Peace
  • Global Reading of the Bible
  • Preaching Difficult Texts
  • Feminist/Womanist Preaching
  • Preaching Contemporary Issues
  • Introduction to Islam

Applications are being accepted now.  Click here to request more information.

Or call 1-888-937-3732