Pastoral Staff for People’s Ministry in Christ, Presbytery of Genesee Valley

CATEGORY:   In accord with the Fair Labor Standards Act, this position is classified as exempt. It is a 10 hour/week position.

EMPLOYMENT:   Employment is by the Presbytery in consultation with the Personnel Committee in accordance with Presbytery procedures.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The employee is accountable to the Mission and Advocacy committee, with the Presbyter for Mission and Education (PME) as the immediate supervisor.


·     Serve as a pastoral leader for People’s Ministry in Christ

·     Lead and/or coordinate weekly Bible study (currently offered on Tuesday Mornings)

·     Attend worship and Sunday morning Bible study weekly

·     Share worship planning and worship leadership with volunteer team

·     Preach 2x/month (prepare bulletins and other aspects of worship for weeks when preaching)

·     Preach and prepare bulletins for services (approx. 8x/year), at Rochester Psychiatric Center and Cameron Community Ministries

·     Prepare seasonal (Advent & Lent) liturgies

·     Hospital visitation and other pastoral care duties with persons connected to PMIC

·     Participate in prayer meetings when scheduled

·     Attend monthly on site planning meeting for PMIC community

·     Coordinate and participate in monthly planning meetings with PMIC leadership team including Presbyter for Mission & Education

·     Take lead in researching grant funding and writing grants with assistance from Mission & Advocacy

·     With COM approval, officiate at communion, weddings, funerals and baptisms (if Pastoral Leader is a Commissioned Ruling Elder, authorization will be given through Presbytery for these tasks once all preparatory steps are completed)

·     State approximate days and times you will be on site each week and make PMIC community aware of any changes to regularly scheduled on site days and times


·     Meet with Presbytery assigned mentor a minimum of every six weeks

·     Attend Presbytery meetings (pro-rate hours onsite at PMIC on weeks when attending Presbytery)

·     Consult with Mission and Advocacy committee upon request

·     Connect with churches who support People’s Ministry in Christ or those who may consider beginning a relationship with People’s Ministry in Christ


An annual review by the Personnel Committee, in consultation with Mission and Advocacy Committee, will be conducted according to the Presbytery’s Personnel Policy.


This position will be paid at a rate equivalent to the pay scale outlined in the most recent Annual Terms of Call for Commissioned Ruling Elders.

Updated 11.19.12Revised