Office Administrator (Presbytery of Genesee Valley)

CATEGORY: In accord with the Fair Labor Standards Act, this position is classified as non-exempt. It is a 37.5 hours per week full-time position (Monday through Friday).

EMPLOYMENT: Employment is by the Presbytery Leader in consultation with the Personnel Committee in accordance with Presbytery procedures.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The employee is accountable to the Presbytery Leader, who is the immediate supervisor.


Responsibilities in Support of Presbyters

Serve as assistant to the Presbytery Leader.
Work collaboratively with Presbyter for Mission and Education and Presbyter for Pastoral Support and Development on projects and assist them as needed.
Keep the Presbytery Leader informed of administrative concerns, pastoral concerns, issues, and opportunities.
Maintain a general knowledge of all Presbytery activities.
Prepare/coordinate documents, mailings, and electronic communications for the Presbytery Leader as requested.

Council, Committee and General Presbytery Support

Develop draft docket and coordinate logistics for all Presbytery meetings, attend all meetings, and act as on-site liaison.
Develop slide show for Presbytery meetings.
Recommend Presbytery and Council meeting sites to Presbytery Moderator, Chair of Council, and Presbytery Leader.
Research and write reports for Book of Order committees and others as requested by Presbytery Leader.
Act as resource for Book of Order committees as needed.
Finalize and format changes to Presbytery policies when they are amended and distribute amended versions.
Coordinate mailings for Presbytery dockets, all Book of Order committees, and others assigned by the Presbytery Leader.
Prepare documents and electronic communications for Council and all Book of Order committees.
Maintain and update files for Committee on Ministry.
Maintain and update files for Committee on Preparation for Ministry.
Maintain and update Nominating Committee worksheet.
Reserve meeting spaces for Book of Order committees.

Office Management Responsibilities

Act as manager and editor for website.
Supervise custodial functions.
Edit monthly Presbytery E-News.
Prepare proposed budgets for administrative operations lines.
Monitor Presbytery Office expenses and make projections.
Manage facilities needs and act as liaison with landlord.
Coordinate maintenance, replacement and disposal of office equipment.
Manage information technology needs for the Presbytery office.
Troubleshoot electronic communications and website issues.
Update and maintain a manual for volunteers.
Coordinate office issues with the Program Secretary and Financial Administrator.
Keep Office Operations Manual up to date.
Share telephone and receptionist duties with the Program Secretary when there is no volunteer receptionist on duty.
Order office supplies.

Responsibilities in Support of the Stated Clerk

Assist in the research, collection of data, and mailings for clerk, e.g., necrology, statistical letters.
Prepare necrology report.
Prepare Presbytery minutes for presentation to the Synod.
Format and finalize minutes prepared by the clerk.

An annual review by the Personnel Committee will be conducted according to the Presbytery’s Personnel Policy.

Updated January 2009

Revised October 2011

Revised August 2012 (effective 2013)