New Course for Fall 2014: Theology of Mission

Theology of Mission: Fruitful Connections & Multiple Claims: Dr. Kirk Baker

Monday Nights 6:15-9:00 PM

August 25-December 8, 2014

This course is for those interested in taking part in Christian Mission or including local or global mission as a part of their church ministry. We will briefly survey new appropriations of theology from multiple contexts, both locally and globally.These multiple contexts raise questions of identity, as U.S. Citizens, as persons with specific social locations, and as Christians. Each student will be given an opportunity to appropriate aspects of various approaches to mission theology, in ways that improve mission programs and practices, given the inherent tension between personal beliefs (which are usually informed by specific church traditions) and the desire to respect different cultures and contexts.  Implications for ministry, missionaries, and missions programs will be a part of every discussion and assignment.

 This course may be taken as a non degree student or as an auditor.

 Cost:  $1760 for credit           $300 to audit ($150 for clergy/alumni)

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