Homicide and Nike Sneakers

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On September 1, 2012 a man named Monroe T. Bradley was shot and killed while being robbed by someone that was willing to commit murder to get the $220 Nike shoes Bradley had just purchased.

This is not the first time a human life was ended over a pair of shoes, and with the recent release of a $320 Nike shoe that bears the name of Lebron James this will not be the last time we will lose a soul over a pair of sneakers. Why would anyone want to spend $320 on a pair of Lebron James sneakers?

That is its own indictment of our society.

What we know is that there are people that cannot afford to buy those shoes that will kill to get them. Will Nike pay the funeral expenses when this happens? Will Lebron James send a condolence letter to the families of those that will be murdered along with an apology for setting into motion a series of events where the outcome is predictable? These $320 sneakers are being marketed to a community where the desire to wear them greatly exceeds the ability to own them.

The free market system is important, but so is human life. This is something that Nike, Lebron James and the public must consider.