Hill Community Pulls Together to Support Student Lounge Food Mission

Generosity has ensured that CRCDS students will always have a place to relax and grab a snack or drink when they come to campus with news that the Student Lounge will remain open and funded. This comes as very welcome news to many students, since many travel a long way and appreciate having a "home away from home" between classes.

The Student Lounge is headed by Katie Kreutter (M.Div.) and is funded entirely by the CRCDS Student Cabinet. An appeal to staff, faculty and students was made last week for assistance that resulted in an immense showing of support through donations of food and money.

Pres. Marvin A. and Mrs. Peggy McMickle made a kind gift of $100 to fund the pantry, noting that "having a well stocked student lounge is a blessing at a school with a largely commuter student body." The Black Student Caucus and the Social Justice Fellowship both contributed $75 each to the cause, while many others also pledged to provide financial assistance or to donate food items.

If you would like to support the Student Cabinet, below is a "wish list" of food items they need:
1. Coca-Cola and Diet Coke
2. Water Bottles
3. Granola bars
4. Mini chocolate candy bars, and honestly anything chocolate
5. Individually wrapped bags of chips – all kinds
6. Fruit cups and applesauce
7. Popcorn (the small size microwave bags)
8. Fruit snacks
9. Licorice
10. Peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, etc.

For more information, please contact Polly Bush at pbush@crcds.edu.