A Message
from Pres. Marvin A. McMickle

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Dear Supporter,mcmickle3

In a few short weeks, we will honor the hard work and dedication of our students at the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School Commencement.  For almost 200 years, this rite of spring has been celebrated not only by graduates and their families, but by all those who value the top notch progressive theological education that is the hallmark of CRCDS.  Although it is easy to view Commencement as the end of a journey, it is truly just the beginning for our graduates as they embark on a life of service to a world in direct need of the Good News of the risen Christ.  When I look at the faces and names of each member of the Class of 2015, I see not only a sign of God’s promise, but also the love and dedication of friends like you whose support of CRCDS has made their education possible.  We thank God for you, for your prayers and for your continued generosity.

I am certain you receive appeals for support from many worthy causes.  I boldly and confidently urge you to consider the cause of CRCDS and the opportunity it provides you to effect real and lasting change.  In my frequent conversations with our students – after chapel, over meals, during class, in my office – I am struck by their quality and faithfulness and I am witness to the difference they make when they leave campus and put their education into action.  I can confidently say to you, the future of our world is bright and promising because of the graduates of CRCDS. That promise, however, relies on your generosity and the generosity of all the friends and alumni/ae who value the transformative education we provide.

There are many uncertainties in life, but the vital role CRCDS plays in advancing the Gospel is not one of them.  Neither is the need for your support and the essential role it plays in providing Christ-centered leaders who speak truth to power and stand as advocates for the least among us.  Please renew your gift or pledge to CRCDS today.  If at all possible, I ask you to consider making a special increase in both your giving and your prayers.  This is a critical and pivotal time for CRCDS and our success depends directly on support from friends like you.

Preparing educated, prophetic leaders committed to social justice is a true challenge, blessing and a unique responsibility.  We are privileged by our role in forming Christian leaders and we thank God for the trust you place in us to carry out this important task.  In a world wracked by violence, poverty, ignorance and neglect, CRCDS stands as a beacon of Christ, providing leaders who seek a different narrative for our world, a narrative founded on love, respect, and justice.  Thank you for supporting CRCDS.  Please know the tremendous impact you have on the lives of our students and all those they serve.


Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D., President

P.S. We are so grateful for your generosity.