Frequently Asked Questions

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Is CRCDS closing?

CRCDS is not closing and will continue to offer graduate degrees and certificates as well as expanded offerings for church leaders (clergy & lay) and the general public.

Where will CRCDS move?

CRCDS will remain in the greater Rochester region. A new location for the school has not yet been determined. The school will seek input from all its constituents over the next 6 months before any decision on location is made. The school intends to be at a new location by the beginning of the 2018-19 academic year and will remain on the current South Goodman Street site until that time.

Is CRCDS still accepting students?

Yes! CRCDS will continue to enroll students in all its current degree and certificate programs. The school is simply relocating its operations from its current campus setting to a setting that meets the 21st Century needs of our students and our school.

Is CRCDS having serious financial challenges?

Sale of the campus is the conclusion of a 20 year discussion about how the current campus setting serves the CRCDS mission. The decision is a direct result of the school’s strategic plan adopted by the Trustees in February, 2016. The plan calls for a sustainable, vibrant CRCDS that meets the 21st century needs of theological education and ministerial preparation.

The current campus no longer meets the needs of the school and its students. Students no longer rely on CRCDS for housing or food service, no longer require access to an onsite bookstore, do not require a library facility as large as that on the current campus, are on campus fewer days of the week (1-2 on average) and do not routinely utilize physical campus resources beyond the classrooms. Maintenance and investment in a 6 building, 24 acre campus facility with limited accessibility for those with mobility needs does not benefit students in proportion to the overall costs.

What are the benefits of relocating?

The new strategic plan calls for a significant investment in student recruitment for all current degree and certificate programs while simultaneously investing in new models for the education of church leaders (clergy and lay) and the broader community. The new models will utilize both technology (distance learning) and the establishment of learning communities.

Good stewardship of the school’s mission and resources requires relocation to a physical space that meets the current and future needs of its students. Remaining on the current Goodman Street site would divert more and more scarce resources away from the core mission of educating students in order to meet the escalating costs of annual and deferred campus maintenance.

When will you be selling the campus? When will you need to leave the Hill? 

CRCDS has entered into an agreement to purchase the property located at 1100 S. Goodman Street. The agreement allows the Divinity School to remain on campus for two years, allowing it the requisite time to identify a suitable 21st Century location for its next campus. CRCDS will be established at its new location by the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

How many students currently live on campus? What will happen to these students in the future?

There are currently 8 students living on campus. CRCDS will honor all lease agreements between the school and the students as long as the school maintains ownership of the property. Any apartment leases made after transfer of ownership would be negotiated by each student directly with the new owner of the campus.

What will happen to faculty and staff?

CRCDS is currently in the planning stages of identifying both its future facility and its future organizational structure. A committee has been formed to oversee this process and information will be shared by CRCDS with the community throughout this process.

What happens next?

CRCDS will continue to operate at its current South Goodman Street campus through the 2017-18 academic year. During this time, the school will explore locations and settings for its future campus. Information sessions will be set up beginning in June of 2016 and will continue through December of 2016. These sessions will seek input from students, alumni/ae, friends, churches and neighbors about the future plans of CRCDS and the role of theological schools in meeting people’s needs in the 21st Century.

I have an event booked at CRCDS (a wedding, a conference, a meeting). Will the school still honor the contract?

Yes. CRCDS will honor all existing event contracts. The school is currently not booking any events beyond June 30th, 2018.

What if I still have questions?  How do I provide a comment?

You may contact the school via e-mail at Transition or by phone by contacting the Office for Institutional Advancement at (585) 340-9643.