Frequently Asked Questions

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Why did CRCDS decide to sell the campus?
After many years of studying and monitoring the impact of the campus facilities on the mission of CRCDS, the Board of Trustees determined that retaining ownership of the campus would negatively impact the school’s ability to carry out its mission going forward.  The costs of operating and maintaining the 1920’s/30’s physical plant continued to escalate while costs for renovating and upgrading the facilities to meet the needs of current and future students remained prohibitive.

How does selling the campus help CRCDS and its mission?
The ways in which students attend graduate theological school have changed significantly since the time the current campus was designed.  Built in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the current campus was designed to meet the needs of an all-male, all-residential, full-time population ranging in age from 22-25 years, who studied, lived, ate, exercised and worshipped on campus.  In contrast, today’s theological students are men and women, ranging in age from 22- 60+ who mostly live, eat and worship off campus.  Their technological needs a much more significant than any other students in the school’s history.  The significant cost of maintaining and investing in a campus that no longer meets the needs of our students is not good stewardship.  The decision to sell the campus allows the school to focus its resources on the students and the mission, rather than investing it in a beautiful, but aging underutilized facility that no longer meets the needs of those we serve.

Who is purchasing the CRCDS campus?
Top Capital of New York, a Rochester based company, is purchasing the current campus.

Why was Top Capital selected?
Top Capital was selected because of their commitment to preserving the beauty and integrity of the campus and its buildings through a project that incorporates significant restoration and renovation.

Where is CRCDS moving?
CRCDS will remain on the current campus in a new facility to be built for the school by Top Capital.

Where on the current campus will CRCDS be located?
The new CRCDS facility will be built along Highland Avenue, in the southwest quadrant of the campus.

Will CRCDS own or lease the new building?
CRCDS will lease the space from Top Capital and will have significant input on the overall design of the building.

What will the “new” CRCDS facility look like?
The design of the new facility is still in process.  The school and Top Capital are committed to developing an aesthetically appealing building in harmony with the overall beauty of the campus and its existing structures.  The internal classrooms, office space, library and common areas will be customized to meet the needs of 21st century theological education.

What are the plans for the current property?
Top Capital of New York plans to invest $36 million into the campus, transforming it into a destination hotel, wedding and conference center.

Will the chapel or other areas of the campus still be accessible?
CRCDS will continue to have use of the Samuel Colgate Memorial Chapel as well as other large gathering spaces in Strong Hall.

What will happen to the library?
The new facility will have a purpose-built library designed to meet the needs of 21st Century students.  The existing collection in the Ambrose Swasey Library will be reduced and brought over to the new facility.  The existing agreement with the University of Rochester will remain in place.

When is the timeline for the project?  When will CRCDS actually move?
CRCDS intends to transition to the new space in the 2018-19 academic year.  Until that time, CRCDS will continue to occupy its current space in Strong Hall.

When will more information be available?
CRCDS will share more detailed information as it becomes available.

Who can I contact if I have questions or comments?
You may contact the school via email at or by contacting the Office for Institutional Advancement at (585) 340-9643.