Exciting Events for Dr. Melanie A. Duguid-May

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So I started this blog after a brief conversation in the elevator the other day with one of our most adventuresome professors, Dr. Melanie Duguid-May.  She is not only a good friend that has helped me navigate through my own personal tragedies, but an exciting professor who always seems to have something interesting going on in the study of theology – That may sound  like an oxymoron, but her courses and sabbatical time always seem to yield  some fascinating things  – even to the layperson.  Her newest adventure is an educational excursion to Israel.  My wife and I took a trip to Rome last fall and one of the most awe inspiring things in Rome is the history.  In the U.S., history is 200 years old. In Rome, 200 years old is barely broken in and maybe not even completely accepted yet.  So, in comparison, Israel has to be at the pinnacle of historical significance.  I cannot begin to imagine the feeling of walking around in the places where "it all started"!

This trip to Israel is the motivation behind her request to start her own blog as means of detailing and sharing her daily experiences.  So, although I can't go on the trip, I will be able to experience through her blog some of what she and her group are experiencing – on a daily basis. Pictures, impressions, perhaps even some video.  Technology as means for sharing a theological adventure – who'd a thunk it!!

Stay tuned for her blog that will start in June….If it's anything like the professor I've known for eleven years, it will be well worth your time to review.  She is creative, dynamic, funny, and oh yeah, she went to Harvard!!

MELANIE DUGUID-MAY is John Price Crozer Professor of Theology at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Rochester, New York.

Melanie Duguid-May’s work is engaged critical and embodied theological thinking for the 21st century.  Her research interests include new ways of being the church in the global movement of Christianity,  the role of religion in violence and peacemaking, images of women in Christian tradition and implications for public policy, LGBTi theology and human rights, the faith and life of Palestinians living in occupied territories.

Among the classes Professor Duguid-May teaches are “Confessing the Christian Faith Today,” a critical, contextual primer for theological thinking that is systematic in scope, “Faith Seeking Understanding,”   “The Church in the World of Christianities,” “Trinity, communion & otherness in the 21st century,” “Redeeming Women: women doing theology, trajectories and themes,”  “Women, Religion, and Public Policy,” “Christian Faith, the Churches, and LGBTi Persons,”  “Religion, Terror, and the Making of Peace,” “The Land Called Holy, and its peoples—a Christian pilgrimage.”

Her numerous articles and essays have been published in a wide range of academic, ecclesial, and ecumenical anthologies, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and journals, in the U.S. and beyond.  Books includeJerusalem Testament: Palestinian Christians Speak, 1988-2008 (Eerdmans 2010), A Body Knows: A Theopoetics of Death and Resurrection (Continuum 1995), and Bonds of Unity: Women, Theology and the Worldwide Church (Scholars 1989).  She is at work on a major history of the 20th century ecumenical movement relative to the emergent of the global Christian movement (Prentice-Hall/Kohlhammer, 2015).

An ordained American Baptist minister and life-long member of the Church of the Brethren, Dr. Duguid-May served as moderator of the National Council of Churches Commission on Faith and Order (1989-1995), and member and vice-moderator of the World Council of Churches Commission on Faith and Order (1984-2006).