Dr. McMickle’s Schedule

Dr. McMickle is frequently invited to speak or preach at various events, conferences and church services. For questions concerning Dr. McMickle’s schedule or availability, please contact Barbara Hessdoerfer at (585) 340-9680.

Note: This schedule is subject to change


JULY 2017

July 23 & 30                          Preach (two weekends) @Yorkminster Park B.C., Toronto



August 6                                 Preach First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens, Somerset, NJ, 9 & 11am

August 9 – 12                       PNBC, Houston,TX

August 13                              Preach, Cleveland, OH                                                                                                                             

August 15                              CRCDS Executive Committee Meeting                                                            

August 16, 17                       Faculty Retreat @ Abbey of the Genesee

August 28                              CRCDS Convocation & Picnic



September 8, 9                     Speaker at Western NY Peace Camp,Greece Baptist Church, Rochester, NY              

September 19                       NYS Dept. of Health AIDS Institute’s Division w/CRCDS partners for Faith Forum, CRCDS                             

September 28, 29, 30        Speaker for Great Lakes Region Convention 50th Anniversary, St. Louis, MO



October 2-5                           CRCDS  2017 Fall Lectures

October 9 – 23                      Teaching D. Min Class

October 15                             Preach Men’s Day for Daryl Bloodsaw, Brooklyn, NY

October 16                             CRCDS Board Meeting

October 17                             Speak/Preach @Third Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY

October 19                             Speak @Urban Ministries, Inc.Chicago, IL



November 1                          Speak @ Scholars Conference 2017 Dedicated to Christ Church,  Detroit, MI

November 3, 4                     Speak/Teach Ohio Leadership Academy & CBA Training Institute, Cleveland, OH

November 12                       Preach/Lecture, Perkins School of Theology/Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX