ASKING THE UNASKED QUESTIONS: Spring Lecture Series Begins in Three Weeks

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Several people have asked us how and why we choose particular speakers and/or topics for our Spring and Fall Lecture Series. Our decisions are guided by our intentional movement toward, not away from, challenging and sometimes controversial issues in order to prepare thoughtful, well-rounded theological leaders who are adept at bringing about social transformation in our time. We are constantly engaged in the critical task of asking the unasked questions and preparing ourselves to search and listen for answers. "Kairos," this Spring's theme, represents God's "in-breaking" into the times in which we live. Kairos calls us to address the realities of our present lives, including exploration of diverse and ever-changing cultures, faiths, identities and belief systems in order to respond to God's constant call.

Lectures are free, but registration is appreciated.  Please register online at: or call (585) 340-9643