For Seminary Graduates: US Navy Chaplain Corps Active Duty (Full Time) and Reserve (Part Time)

In a world growing more and more secular, the military should not be left behind as a place where personnel can find religious faith. The US Navy Chaplain Corps is an opportunity to provide religious guidance to people who come from different backgrounds in the Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.  This position is an opportunity to aid people, who are away from their support network (family and friends) and need a link between themselves and god.


  • Earned a master’s degree of Theological Studies or related degree
  • Ecclesiastical Certification: Must be able to receive an ecclesiastical approval by a religious faith group able to certify religious ministry professionals.
  • US Citizen
  • Over 21 years old but less than 39


  • Opportunity to provide guidance to young men and women of religious diversity and culture.
  • Full time (Active Duty) and part time (Reserve Duty) positions available
  • Comprehensive medical/dental insurance
  • Worldwide travel
  • $50,000-65,000 starting out 30 days of vacation with pay each year

If interested in more information about the US Navy Chaplain Direct Assessment process, contact:

Jonathan Ostanek, Lieutenant                                                                                                 US Navy Officer Representative Rochester, NY
Cell: 585-369-4522

For Current Seminary Students: US Navy Chaplain Candidate Program Officer (CCPO)  

The US Navy CCPO Program is an excellent opportunity for seminary students to train to be a US Navy Chaplain. While in the program, students are Chaplain Candidates in the US Navy Individual Ready Reserve.  Upon completion of the program, the Chaplain Candidate has the opportunity to become a full-fledged Chaplain in the US Navy. Serving in the Chaplain Corps is a rewarding opportunity to provide religious support for the large group of diverse men and women defending our country.

During the program, you would attend the Direct Commission Officer Instruction Course which provides training on uniform wearing, customs/courtesies, and saluting. Additionally, you would also attend a Chaplain Leadership Course and be eligible for other training to see the real responsibilities of a US Navy Chaplain.

Minimum Requirements for the program:

  • Enrolled in a master’s program of Theological Studies or related studies as a full time student
  • Ecclesiastical Certification: Must receive an ecclesiastical approval by a religious faith group able to certify religious ministry professionals.
  • US Citizen
  • Over 21 years old but less than 39
  • Can apply anytime during M-Div Degree, as long as one year or more remaining of school


  • Get exposed to the Navy Chaplain Corps without committing years of service on Active Duty
  • Heighten your chances of being selected as an Active Duty Chaplain or Reserve Chaplain (part time) in the US Navy upon completion of school by networking and enhancing your resume through experience.
  • Get the opportunity to provide guidance to young men and women of religious diversity and culture.
  • Get Active Duty Military Pay, while doing Chaplain Training in the summers between courses

If interested in more information about the US Navy CCPO, please contact:

Jonathan Ostanek, Lieutenant
US Navy Officer Representative Rochester, NY
Cell: 585-369-4522


Part-time Coordinator of Christian Education and Family Ministry: First Congregational United Church of Christ (Fairport, NY)

Overall Purpose:

To educate and encourage the spiritual growth of the children and adults of our church through the coordination and advancement of church school, youth fellowship, and adult programs.

Specific Duties:

  • Coordinate all aspects of the Christian Education program for children, youth, and adults.
  • Coordinate the youth fellowship groups, develop programs, solicit adult volunteers, plan and attend youth meetings, activities, and volunteer opportunities.
  • Regularly teach the senior high Sunday school class.
  • Be part of the Confirmation Ministry team lead by the Pastor.
  • Work with the Board of Family Ministry to plan the annual youth mission trip, including fundraising activities.
  • Regularly communicate with all key audiences via youth group activity calendars, articles for the monthly Epistle newsletter and weekly church bulletins, email and flyers home, phone calls, and current bulletin boards.
  • Responsibly administer allotted budget and assist in preparing yearly budget.


This is a salaried position based on an average work week of 20-22 hours with seasonal fluctuations.  The work week is a combination of regular office hours and evening and weekend activities. Among the required evening and weekend activities are attendance at Christian Education and Board of Family Ministry meetings, youth fellowship activities and planning meetings, and church school activities.

Skills, Education, Experience Desired:

  • Personal Christian commitment
  • Strong writing, organizational, leadership and public speaking skills
  • Excellent rapport with youth
  • Ability to take initiative and work independently
  • Creativity and high energy level
  • Experience in church school and youth programming


Please send your resume to the church at the address below.

First Congregational United Church of Christ
26 East Church Street
Fairport, NY 14450

Full time Pastor: Western Presbyterian Church in Palmyra, NY

Western Presbyterian Church (WPC) located in Palmyra, NY is building faith, family, and fellowship.  We are Christ-centered, nurturing, caring, welcoming, and generous.  WPC nurtures spiritual growth, joyful fellowship, meaningful community, and global involvement; worshiping and serving God with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.  We strive to:

  • Inspire worship in our hearts, minds, and actions in honor and celebration of Christ.
  • Provide a sanctuary of faith for all people where support, empathy, and a sense of community are realized.
  • Cultivate spiritual growth by encouraging each congregant to discern God's presence and guidance.
  • Be a catalyst for growth and relevance of the local and extended Church.
  • Extend our faith beyond our own experience through outreach to those who are unaware of Christ's grace.
  • Be Christ's disciples through both local and global mission efforts.
  • Guide, nurture, and support the youth of our congregation and community.
  • Sponsor Canal Town Nursery School and other youth-based programs.

Western Presbyterian Church is looking for a pastor who is guided by the Holy Spirit, is friendly, welcoming, energetic, spiritually grounded, trusted and trusting and is mission focused. Our new pastor will be a good preacher who brings the Bible into today’s world and engages with the entire congregation.  The pastor will encourage others to take an active part in the ministries of the church.  He/she will help the congregation to build faith, family, and fellowship and will encourage congregation members, jointly and individually, to be Christ-centered, nurturing, caring, welcoming and generous by modeling these characteristics in his or her own life.  The pastor should be family and child oriented.  Our new pastor will be a strong leader who will guide, and motivate an active congregation.  The ideal pastor will facilitate our continued vision into a program-centered church.

Our pastor will live in this community and be an active community member.  He / she shall be deeply rooted in Christ and will lead the congregation in spiritual development.  The pastor should help maintain and invigorate our existing programs, relate well with all age groups of the congregation, and be concerned with family ministry. Our pastor’s role will require technical skill sets for worship and social media.   We expect our pastor to work with the existing congregation to develop additional methods to expand our membership.

If you would like to learn more about Western Presbyterian Church please view our website. To a Pastor who wants to engage with, and lead a congregation of “doers” please send your resume and letter of interest to Irene Fadden at