Full time Pastor: Western Presbyterian Church in Palmyra, NY

Western Presbyterian Church (WPC) located in Palmyra, NY is building faith, family, and fellowship.  We are Christ-centered, nurturing, caring, welcoming, and generous.  WPC nurtures spiritual growth, joyful fellowship, meaningful community, and global involvement; worshiping and serving God with energy, intelligence, imagination, and love.  We strive to:

  • Inspire worship in our hearts, minds, and actions in honor and celebration of Christ.
  • Provide a sanctuary of faith for all people where support, empathy, and a sense of community are realized.
  • Cultivate spiritual growth by encouraging each congregant to discern God's presence and guidance.
  • Be a catalyst for growth and relevance of the local and extended Church.
  • Extend our faith beyond our own experience through outreach to those who are unaware of Christ's grace.
  • Be Christ's disciples through both local and global mission efforts.
  • Guide, nurture, and support the youth of our congregation and community.
  • Sponsor Canal Town Nursery School and other youth-based programs.

Western Presbyterian Church is looking for a pastor who is guided by the Holy Spirit, is friendly, welcoming, energetic, spiritually grounded, trusted and trusting and is mission focused. Our new pastor will be a good preacher who brings the Bible into today’s world and engages with the entire congregation.  The pastor will encourage others to take an active part in the ministries of the church.  He/she will help the congregation to build faith, family, and fellowship and will encourage congregation members, jointly and individually, to be Christ-centered, nurturing, caring, welcoming and generous by modeling these characteristics in his or her own life.  The pastor should be family and child oriented.  Our new pastor will be a strong leader who will guide, and motivate an active congregation.  The ideal pastor will facilitate our continued vision into a program-centered church.

Our pastor will live in this community and be an active community member.  He / she shall be deeply rooted in Christ and will lead the congregation in spiritual development.  The pastor should help maintain and invigorate our existing programs, relate well with all age groups of the congregation, and be concerned with family ministry. Our pastor’s role will require technical skill sets for worship and social media.   We expect our pastor to work with the existing congregation to develop additional methods to expand our membership.

If you would like to learn more about Western Presbyterian Church please view our website. http://www.wpreschurch.org. To a Pastor who wants to engage with, and lead a congregation of “doers” please send your resume and letter of interest to Irene Fadden at faddenirene@gmail.com.

Full-time Pastor: First Baptist Church, Springfield, Ohio, an American Baptist Church

First Baptist Church is seeking a pastor to serve a congregation of about 70 active members in Springfield, Ohio, a city of 60,000 in south-central Ohio.

First Baptist has chosen to stay in an inner-city neighborhood that includes both grand historic houses and the deteriorated homes of some of the city’s poorest residents.

First Baptist encompasses many paradoxes:

  • An aging congregation with a large cluster of young children
  • A membership that leans to the progressive side, but contains a wide spectrum of views.
  • A church with deep American Baptist connections, but people of many backgrounds.
  • A congregation with a strong commitment to tradition, but openness to new approaches.

As we struggle with declining membership, we retain a deeply committed core of members giving much in time and resources to their church. We hope for a pastor who can lead us to a path of new growth and a renewed ministry in the city.

Interested applicants should send a resume or ABC profile, together with DVDs or links to sermons to Steve Schlather, 1402 St. Paris Road, Springfield, OH 45504, or to sschlather@sbcglobal.net.

A church profile may be downloaded here.


Full-time Pastor: The First Baptist Church of Hoosick Falls, NY

The First Baptist Church of Hoosick Falls, NY is located in a quaint rural village in Upstate New York, close to the Vermont and Massachusetts borders.  We are nestled in a beautiful countryside of rolling hills, yet only 10 miles from Bennington, VT and about 30 miles from Albany, NY.

We seek to continue to build upon our rich legacy with a pastor who desires a home where they can serve God and be part of a loving family who loves and serves the Lord.

We are a small church with a current average attendance of 54 but the potential is there to grow more in our own spirituality as well as bringing others to Christ through the fellowship of our church.  We have a good mix of ages from babies to those in their 90’s.  We have an active youth group and women’s group.  We are active with our local ecumenical church association as well as our denominational association.

If you would like to receive a copy of our church profile, which includes more information about our church and community, please contact us at fbchoosicksearch@aol.com



Part-time Congregational Care Coordinator: St. Stephens Bethlehem UCC (Buffalo, NY)


RESPONSIBILITIES: The CC Coordinator serves as an administrative assistant to the Pastor and will coordinate all aspects of Congregational Caregiving at SSBUCC, in conjunction with the SSBUCC Congregational Care Team and Team Leader.  The CC Coordinator will also serve as an advisor to this team.  Additional responsibilities will include scheduling of building rental requests, maintain and updating policies and procedures, and other miscellaneous duties as they arise.

REQUIRED: The applicant will
1. Have experience in all aspects of caregiving.
2. Computer experience with Microsoft Office.
3. Have knowledge of local and area Social Service Agencies.
4. Be open and affirming of LGBTQ persons.
5. Be able to coordinate multiple moving parts.
6. Experience with scheduling.
7. Highly organized.
8. Be a creative problem solver.
9. Be self-motivated.
10. Be able to work well with people and communicate effectively.

1. Experience managing volunteers.
2. Experience in crisis management.
3. Minimum A.A.S. degree.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT:  The CC Coordinator will work 12 – 15 hours a week at a pay rate of $16.00 to $18.00 per hour.  Applicants with experience in pastoral/congregational care or social work preferred. Criminal background check required as contingent of employment.

PERSONNEL TEAM/Diana Anderson (dra@buffalo.edu)