“The Holy Land and Its Peoples” 2013: A Pilgrimage for Peace

In 2010, Dr. Melanie Duguid May, the John Price Crozer Professor of Theology, published Jerusalem Testament: Palestinian Christians Speak, 1988-2008.

PALESTINE-GRAFFITTI-1The book introduces the experiences of Palestinian Christians living in the Israeli-occupied territories of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank through public documents, statements and accounts of Palestinian pastors. Through this work, Dr. Duguid May has become increasingly involved in the work to find a practical resolution to the ongoing violence in that region.

The pilgrims who took part in “The Holy Land and Its Peoples” 2013 pilgrimage are continuing to share insights and thoughts about the Israel/Palestine conflict through a blog. Access it to join the conversation online by visiting www.crcds.edu/category/palestineisrael- 2013/

In early 2012, Dr. Duguid May began working with Dr. Mark Brummitt (Associate Professor
of Old Testament Interpretation), who has first-hand experience of Israel and Palestine, on plans for bringing CRCDS students, alumni/ae and friends directly to the region. The fruit of this work was “The Holy Land and Its Peoples,” an organized pilgrimage to the region to learn more about the conflict and the peoples—Christians, Jews and Muslims—it most impacts. Drs. Duguid May and Brummitt sought to incorporate a series of lectures and opportunities for spiritual reflection at the key Christian pilgrimage sites in the area.

The following two reflections were originally published in the Summer/Fall issue of The CRCDS Bulletin. The first is from Dr. Duguid May and it describes her relationship with the conflict in Israel/Palestine, the reasons she organized the pilgrimage and what she hoped the participants would gain from the experience. The second reflection is by Deborah Allen, a CRCDS student.

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