CRCDS Students Sara Campbell and Brae Adams provide pastoral leadership at Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church

Sara Campbell and Brae Adams, Masters of Divinity students at CRCDS, were recently highlighted in the November 2014 edition of The Empty Closet, a monthly publication of the Gay Alliance. Both say they are thrilled with the opportunity to talk about the church, their mission and their goals.
Sara, who will obtain her M.Div. in May 2015, says, “We at Open Arms are trying to talk openly about these issues and how we are called to act on them. Not just LGBTQ issues but gun violence, systemic poverty, homelessness, racial issues, the school to prison pipeline, border issues . . . these are the issues the gospel wants us to talk about and create change around.”

Brae, who is on track to receive her M.Div. in May 2016, works in other types of community outreach and also has a holistic view of ministry. In addition to starting a limited food cupboard, Brae helps people access community resources such as housing.

Both students say the diversity of their skills is the best thing for making connections in the community. Brae says, "Sara does outreach to college-age through 30's people, who maybe aren't that interested in a traditional service. The service has a modern feel to it, encouraging participants to interact with the preacher, both through their smart phones and direct questions.  I lead the Sunday morning service and hold the monthly Agape Potluck on Sunday evenings."

Above all, they say, Open Arms Metropolitan Community Church is completely inclusive and not just 'affirming'. Sara says, "OAMCC has gotten beyond what people think of us and is focusing on how to serve others . . . it doesn't matter what our opinions are, only that we are serving others.  That's 'Radical Hospitality'.  We show our hospitality to all."

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Director of Library Services and Bookstore, Marge Nead, Celebrates 25 years at CRCDS

laura and margeCongratulations to Marge Nead, Director of Library Services at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School's Ambrose Swasey Library and Bookstore. Marge began working at CRCDS in October, 1989 and is celebrating her 25th year at the school.
Marge, a former book buyer for the Village Toy Shop in Fairport, says the greatest part of her job is, and always has been, the students. She says, “I knew this place was here but didn’t know much about it until I began working here. I fell in love with the people and the values it (CRCDS) stood for. I absolutely love working with the students.”
When Marge accepted a Bookstore Manager position in 1989, 200 students were enrolled. “It was really something,” she says. “Lots of life, lots of activity, lots of foot traffic. Winters were always fun. I remember students building snowmen right outside the window and sliding down Trevor Hill on cafeteria trays. It was a blast.”
The bookstore itself has undergone several key transformations. “Years ago,” Marge says, “It was a bowling alley.” To illustrate her point, she takes out a prized black and white picture of students in bobby sox and loafers, lining up on polished lanes. She shakes her head and smiles. “The bookstore was two lanes wide.”
In 2004, the bookstore moved to its current location, and in 2005, the University of Rochester Rush Rhees Library and the Ambrose Swasey Library formed a collaboration, allowing for reciprocal access of books and materials. Circulation went up 50%, as did digital access.


Although the library and bookstore get less foot traffic these days, Marge says these beautiful spaces are no less welcoming. Her door is always open to students who want to talk, and with over 30,000 titles at their disposal, many find the library to be a wonderful haven in a hectic world. The bookstore has an impressive selection of books written by faculty, required textbooks and CRCDS-themed apparel.
If you have any questions about the library or bookstore, or would simply like to congratulate Marge, she can be reached at (585) 340-9602.


School of Christian Leadership and the Thurman King School: Upcoming Sessions

Please join us for day long sessions on the first Saturday of the month from 8:30am-6:00pm for informative, inspiring and thought-provoking discussions.

Our upcoming sessions are:
December 6, 2014, Gail Ricciuti: Introduction to Liturgy
January 3, 2015, Barbara Moore: Preaching-the Liturgical Year
February 7, 2015, Stephanie Sauve: Pastoral Care, the Art of Listening
March 7, 2015, David Kim: The Church Encounters the World: Applied Ethics and Moral Theology
April 12, 2015, Professor Orr: Education, Discipleship and Spiritual Formation

Cost is $200 per session.

Please contact Charlyn Elliott, Assistant to the Dean for Academic Life, at (585) 340-9588 for more information





WHEC-TV 10 Interviews Dr. Mark Brummitt on Creationism

On Tuesday, October 29th, WHEC-TV News10 interviewed CRCDS Associate Professor of Old Testament Studies Dr. Mark Brummitt regarding the Big Bang theory and Pope Francis' remark that "evolution is not inconsistent with the notion of creation."

Speaking at the Pontifical Academy of Sciences, the Pope made comments which experts said put an end to the “pseudo theories” of creationism and intelligent design.   Dr. Brummitt commented on the Pope's statement.

Watch the video clip here:

If you are interested in discussing thought-provoking issues like these, you won't want to miss Dr. Brummitt's "Stories of Creation: Adam, Eve and Frankenstein (RE CS 262) beginning in January.  It's easy to audit a class!  Click here for information:

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Did you get your copy of Dr. McMickle's newest book?

pulpit and politicsOn Tuesday, October 7th, Dr. McMickle hosted a special "Soup and Signing" event celebrating the release of his newest book, "Pulpit & Politics: Separation of Church & State in the Black Church." If you were not able to attend the signing, the CRCDS bookstore has additional copies on hand and Dr. McMickle would be happy to autograph yours. Dr. McMickle's book explores a new generation of black preacher-politicians who move beyond spiritual leadership into advocacy and social justice. This important work highlights past and present examples of African American leaders in ministry and politics, from Hiram Revels to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Al Sharpton.

A must-read for anyone concerned with faith-based political activism, Pulpit & Politics is based on Dr. McMickle's lifelong dedication to serving the community and bringing to light the challenges facing black preachers.

Read more about Dr. McMickle's book here: