Photos & Video: The 2013 Distinguished Alumni/ae Dinner

The highlight of the 2013 Alumni/ae Reunion Days was the Distinguished Alumni/ae Dinner held on Thursday evening (April 4, 2013), where the Rev. Paul A. Vick (CRDS, '71) and the Rev. Dr. Charles Walker (awarded posthumously, CRDS, '70) were honored.

The Rev. Paul A. Vick serves as the treasurer of International Ministries (IM) for the American Baptist Church where he also serves on the Board of Directors. Rev. Vick earned an M.Div. degree from Colgate Rochester Divinity School (CRDS) in 1971. Upon graduation, Rev. Vick attended the University at Buffalo Law School and subsequently embarked on a successful career as an estate and trust attorney, eventually becoming the Chair of the Family Wealth Planning Practice Group at the Rochester office of Phillips Lytle LLP.  He has given his time generously to the church and to many not-for-profit organizations and causes.  His ministry has included a program for the hearing impaired as well as an emergency support system for victims of domestic violence.  Rev. Vick currently serves on the Board of Trustees of CRCDS.

The Rev. Dr. Charles Walker was a Chicago native who served as Pastor of the Nineteenth Street Baptist Church in Philadelphia for over 30 years. He was a nationally-renowned preacher, as well as an internationally-acclaimed pianist. Dr. Walker taught at Southern University before coming to CRDS to pursue an M.Div. He was the recipient of several honorary degrees from leading institutions. He served more than three decades as Chairman, and eventually as Executive Secretary, of the Foreign Mission Board of the National Baptist Convention, USA, Inc.

He was a key leader of the Black Student Caucus at CRDS during the time of the lockout and led the subsequent campaign to establish the Martin Luther King Program in Black Church Studies at the seminary.  Dr. Walker passed away on August 21, 2011.


Photos from the 2013 Distinguished Alumni/ae Dinner



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