"Preaching the New Testament: Rediscovering its Named and Unnamed Women" by Dr. Barbara A. Moore

Dr. Barbara A. Moore, Dean of the Program for the Study of Women and Gender in Church and Society, and Professor of Preaching and Practical Theology at CRCDS, has written a new book: "Preaching the New Testament…Rediscovering its Named and Unnamed Women," now available in the CRCDS bookstore.

Dr. Moore's eagerly-anticipated second book examines the myriad roles women played in the 1st century and beyond and includes their many challenges, including illness, vulnerability, caregiving and ministry.

To purchase a copy of Dr. Moore's book, see: http://www.crcds.edu/resources-for/the-crcds-bookstore/

Or contact Dr. Moore directly at: bmoore@crcds.edu

barbara with book



CRCDS Announces New Certificate in Older Adult Ministry

CRCDS received approval from the United Methodist Board of Higher Education & Ministry to offer courses required for the United Methodist Professional Certification Program in Older Adult Ministry. The certificate equips clergy as well as laypersons to serve this specialized and rapidly growing segment of the population. The program is open to individuals from all denominations and faiths.

Application deadlines are July 1 for the fall term and December 1 for the spring term.

Please click here for application instructions: http://www.crcds.edu/admissions-2/programs-of-study/certificate-in-older-adult-ministry/

When Will the World Care About All Victims?

CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle recently commented on the lack of attention placed on victims of violence in Beiruit as compared to victims in the Paris bombings. He asks, "Are lives in Paris more valuable than lives in Beiruit?"

Read the full text of his blogatorial, published in the Rochester, NY Democrat and Chronicle on November 24, 2015: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/opinion/blogs/2015/11/24/when-world-care-all-victims/76331350/

Dr. James Evans, Jr. and Dr. Gail Ricciuti to retire

In a statement to students, staff and faculty, Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle announced the retirements of esteemed faculty members Dr. James Evans, Jr. and Dr. Gail Ricciuti at the conclusion of the current academic year.

Dr. McMickle's statement reads:

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the retirements of esteemed faculty members Dr. James Evans, Jr. and Dr. Gail Ricciuti at the conclusion of the current academic year. Dr. Evans and Dr. Ricciuti have served CRCDS selflessly and with distinction for many years and although I am saddened knowing we are bidding them farewell, I am delighted for them both in reaching such a wonderful milestone.

The Board of Trustees has granted both Dr. Evans and Dr. Ricciuti the title of Professor Emeritus in recognition of their service. The Board has also granted Dr. Evans the additional title of President Emeritus in recognition of his time as president of CRCDS. Upon retirement, both Dr. Evans and Dr. Ricciuti will serve CRCDS as adjunct faculty and both will retain offices here on campus.

We will formally celebrate their retirements at the Distinguished Alumni/ae Dinner during the Spring Lectures and Reunion. I hope you consider joining us on that evening for what promises to be a wonderful event. In the meantime, please join me in extending our gratitude to Dr. Evans and Dr. Ricciuti for their many years of distinguished service to the CRCDS community. Congratulations to them both as they begin this exciting new phase of their journeys.


Rev. Marvin A. McMickle, Ph.D.
To read about Dr. Evans and Dr. Ricciuti, please see their abbreviated bios here:

Dr. James Evans, Jr., Dr. Gail Ricciuti






CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle guest panelist on WXXI's "Connections" with Evan Dawson

Part of the Democrat and Chronicle's "Unite Rochester" team, of which CRCDS President Dr. Marvin A. McMickle is a member, joined WXXI's radio host Evan Dawson on November 17, 2015 to talk about racism, diversity and what it means to be an open and integrated society.

"Connections" guests included "Unite Rochester" members Rachel DeGuzman and Thomas Warfield, Jim Morris, resettlement director of the Catholic Family Center, and Julie Philipp, senior engagement editor at the Democrat & Chronicle.

To hear the podcast in its entirety, click here: http://wxxinews.org/post/connections-unite-rochester-challenge