"Race, religion and the politics of identity" (Letter to the Editor)

This letter to the editor from President McMickle appeared in today's Democrat & Chronicle.

Former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu recently said that the only reason Colin Powell endorsed President Barack Obama was because they were of the same racial group. Not because of merit; it was solely because of race.

One is left to wonder if this works in reverse for white evangelical Christians that had long defined Mormonism as a cult. Today, however, they are ignoring that core theological belief in order to vote for Gov. Mitt Romney. As one of my colleagues at Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School, Dr. James Evans, observed at the inaugural symposium “Race, Religion and Politics” earlier this month: “Race seems to trump religion so far as the white evangelical vote is concerned.”

I wonder what Sununu has to say about that. Powell gave a list of reasons for his support that had to do with competence and not color. How sad we keep getting drawn back into this racial narrative; as least so far as the black candidate is concerned.

Homicide and Nike Sneakers

On September 1, 2012 a man named Monroe T. Bradley was shot and killed while being robbed by someone that was willing to commit murder to get the $220 Nike shoes Bradley had just purchased.

This is not the first time a human life was ended over a pair of shoes, and with the recent release of a $320 Nike shoe that bears the name of Lebron James this will not be the last time we will lose a soul over a pair of sneakers. Why would anyone want to spend $320 on a pair of Lebron James sneakers?

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