Speaker Packet Contact List

Krystal Cunningham
Administrative Assistant, Institutional Advancement  
tel: (585) 340-9643
email: kcunningham@crcds.edu

GP Dickerson-Hanks

Administrative Assistant, Black Church Studies & Women and Gender in Church and Society
tel: (585) 340-9651
email: GDickerson-Hanks@crcds.edu

Marge Nead

Director of the Bookstore and Library Services
tel: (585) 340-9602
email: mnead@crcds.edu

Todd Overfield

Director of Technology Services
tel: (585) 340-9507
email: toverfield@crcds.edu

Christopher White

Director of Communications
tel: (585) 340-9669
email: cwhite@crcds.edu